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  1. not even a reply to gamecreator
  2. Not with the budget. Daedalic had way less than DFA, therefore it was more expensive (30€ is even cheap for a good game...) - but a much better and longer game I would even pay more than that for a better Broken Age
  3. me neither. at the start of the game you have to explore the fake missions from your mother and I did not solve it the first time (intended). so I crashed with the train on first try and I met Marek. After I could explore the whole ship I walked to the room and the doll was crying... never saw her before.
  4. No, it did not meet my expectations. I expected a bit more on certain topics like: - Difficulty - Length (even if that was only Act 1 - 3 hours if way to short; im remember being stuck for days in MI and did not lost the fun because of the hilarious humor) - Graphics (yes... this is a art masterpiece - but I expected a bit less "childish-look" And I don't fully understand why this projects costs millions of dollars and gives me such a meaning about this game. It feels like a game for casual players. I suggest you all take a look on Deponia - from a small german company. 3 Acts, much bigger, hilarious humor, difficult in certain parts, easy in other (so good mix up), huge(!) world to explore, hundreds of characters and I think they had a budget WAY under 1.000.000$. Sorry for that Greets
  5. 3 1/2 hours done. ending was absolutely unexpected in that way. they sure must had to meet in some way... but i really did not expect that. and i really love games that end with the start but it was way too short. and spoiler: I loved appearing his dad in vellas world. and his ship really looked like the voodoo lady part in monkey island 3. great reference tim
  6. Stuck on Vellas storyline **SPOILERS**

    explore the whole cloud colony
  7. aaaaaahhhhh missed that item. thanks guys.
  8. yeah okay... i think I know where to go, but i cant get up there.. oh man.
  9. give me a hint please i already cut the hose and used the compressed air vessel..
  10. Hey, im stuck at shay's story. vella is done, rest of shay was easy. but this is... frustrating. how to get a propulsion for shay to get to the controls in space? greets
  11. but i dont wanna be tracked if i play a game..
  12. yay... dont like that also...
  13. Vella cutszene breakout Mog

    add: could not reproduce!
  14. i do net get that, too. perhaps it has something to do with my skippnig of the train section, because I never enabled the "tongue bridge"