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  1. I guess my mind is the problem, but please can you move that left hand of shay just a bit? You know, just to make sure people don't laugh at you when wearing it.. I still like it though.
  2. Mechanically: For me dieing in an adventuregame is a bad mechanic, because you have to save and reload all the time to make sure you survive and I do not consider saving and loading any fun. Adventuregames that do not take themselves too seriously (I would count broken age to that as well) you would then also probably die in situations, where you didn't expect it. I could live with it, if the game would set you back before the action that made you die without save/reload routine. Emotionally: I see it like KestrelPi: if you can die in a game and you care for your character only a little bit, then just wanting to let him stay alive, will limit you in exploration. You live in a small constant fear of the world you are in instead of being free to do whatever you want. I don't enjoy fear in adventuregames. And as soon as I don't care, if my character dies or lives, I probably will not play the game anymore. @Stanto The Secret of Monkey Island had death. What do you build that statement on? You mean that one place that nobody found, where you had to stand in water for 10 minutes, seriously? The Secret of Monkey Island had no world that kills you off and sorry to say but I think the top10 adventuregames all do not have death, because most people don't like to be killed in adventuregames. The feature makes sense in games that take themselves very seriously (and thus are the adventuregames, I do not like and do not play, because humour isn't that important then).
  3. So while we started our wait for part 2 we have to pass the time with other adventure games And maybe now broken age has to be added to the vote For me: "the book of unwritten tales" is the best adventure game in the past 10 years, The longest journey (like others said here) is too old to count (and if it did still would run second for me). The book of unwritten tales gives me back that feeling I also had in the old adventure games. It is very funny, very charming and for an adventure it will take quite a while to complete. Puzzles aren't that hard, but also not as easy as in many other adventures. Sadly the next game in the series (the critter chronicles) doesn't reach that quality again.
  4. I think I would also back a new project as long as it has humour in it again and there will be a documentation again. I hope that another adventure would also address the problems with this game (too few points to interact with, add looking at again with tons of funny interactions, harder puzzles). But I doubt that the next kickstarterproject would raise more than 1.5 M even if they promise to address this issues. And this time the money from kickstarter would have to be enough to make a full game! So a lot less graphical polish, I guess.
  5. yea, on one hand it is probably the case that people are playing a short time and then don't return to it once they have completed it (while most other games have different experiences), on the other hand we don't know how many of the backers are now playing the game because they were reminded by the media coverage and or didn't had the time before to play it. At least metacritic looks fine: http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/broken-age-act-1 I think that with the lack of difficulty (puzzles) and length this ratings are very good. It is a bit sad that probably the most influencal german magazine "gamestar" only gave it 79 points though and an other german magazine only 76 (pc games) out of 100 points. The problem here is, that germany still is one of the biggest markets for adventure games and you need 80+ to be seen as a "good" game there. Anyway, I also am one of those guys that noticed double fine because of the kickstarter and bought other games of them I otherwise wouldn't have bought. I think it had a huge impact and lots of people take notice of them now and this will continue until act 2 and beyond no matter if the news are "broken age - a failure" or "broken age - a moderate success". And this alone will be worth the money they may not get back. Especially if they continue to produce creative low budget games and maybe another adventure after broken age to please the adventure fans with all the tools they made now (it should be a lot easier and cheaper, I hope). All in all it is a bit sad that 3 M just weren't enough. Otherwise it would have been a huge success already. I hope that other kickstartergames and also double fine learnt from that. But I am very curious for the RPGs (wasteland 2, Pillars of eternity and torment: tides of numenera) to see if they manage with their budgets, because RPGs usually are a lot more expensive with people expecting 40 hours gameplay+ from them and tend to compare it to games with 20 times the budget like skyrim.
  6. Of course they don't want to deliberately appeal to any groups they cannot please. But I am sure that also with the other kickstarter-projects there will be disappointed backers, because what is old-school and what not is very subjective. Maybe some of the backers here wouldn't have been happy without the 8bit mode as well I voted "mostly yes". The game surpassed my expectations in most things (graphics, sound, humour, story). Of course the puzzle complexity could have been higher and if you have a longer game and get to know the characters more, you also bond more with them. But maybe part 2 will fix that as well. The documentary did hugely surpass my expectations. I am very happy that there will be more episodes.
  7. played shay all the way and then vella. I am not sure why I went for Shay first, maybe I had the impression of being better able to identify with him? Maybe it is also, because his story makes the impression of being darker and less "sweet" just from the looks of the title-screen (I tend to prefer darker athmosphere in games like in grim fandango or secret of monkey island to colorful approaches like in day of the tentacle).
  8. About "i am brazilian" and "i did pay 100 dollars" and those arguments: those arguments shouldn't count for anything. Of course you should be treated like everyone else in this situation. If those arguments would count for anything, it would be discrimination against others. Also I think you should not just put all messages here away as "army as fanboys" just because they do not share your opinion and consider your position because of the rational thoughts others bring to the table, just like everyone else in this topic should be careful with calling you a troll. I somehow expected more people to react like the OP, not because Double Fine didn't live up to the promises and also not because Broken age isn't a good game, it's a very solid and charming game imho. But kickstarter pulled nostalgia to the light that many of us thought gone and that may have caused wrong expectations in some of the backers. If a game isn't produced yet, backers may hear what they want to hear out of the informations that they have about the game and of course the final game will not be able to live up to all of those expectations. I think it is a good thing that backers now take this opportunity to learn that the company isn't to blame about the expectations that they themselves had. If the majority of the backers did have other expectations than you and are happy, then that shows that your expectations weren't due to false advertisement, but spawn from your subjective way of looking at an unfinished game. I think backers just need to learn to adapt their expectations even if they are very nostalgic about something and if they cannot handle the result of kickstarter campaigns, they shouldn't pledge.
  9. Tablet users... how many people do actually play games like those on tablets? Can someone make a poll for that? Well it was okay for me. I would have loved a right-click-look-at and more hotspots to take a look at and get funny remarks, but I guess that isn't solely about the controls. So I voted for "yes".
  10. I agree, I think the whole kickstarter-process with insight through the documentation did bring us as backers closer to the product. It feels different, if you know, how much sweat and energy went into every little detail of this game. And it feels like you helped make this game a little bit, even if you only posted a few things on the forums or only yelled at the screen while watching the documentation. And that is kind of nice, even if it may be an illusion. We got a big bag of emotions for our moneys worth if you count the documentary and game together. I don't know what you guys got, but I got a shipload of laughter and smiles, a ton of angry, a whirlpool of sad, a planet of suspense and a bag of mixed feelings. If you guys ask me, if it was worth it and if I want to do this ride again, I surely would scream out "hell yeah!", but I am very curious how the staff of double fine would answer this question in a few weeks time. Thank you Double Fine!
  11. I usually have nothing against intro-movies, I liked them in some games, but it really depends on the start of the game. In broken age, an intro-movie wouldn't have made a lot of sense and could have ruined the moment. It's like in monkey island 1. A scene and music is all I need in both cases
  12. I liked it, and steam tells me, I played for 6 hours, but even if I didn't, I still would have liked it a lot. I clicked almost everything and tried a lot just to see if they thought of it too and that is were you find a lot of humorous dialogue. There aren't as many hotspots as I would have expected and because I had no mouse-over-names I often clicked quite wildly without knowing what I was clicking on at first. I played first through shays storyline and after I thought him dead I waited a looong time sitting on that tree to continue with vellas storyline (it seems to me now that it was the perfect order to play this game). I didn't see the ending coming, probably also because I separated the two stories completely. Thanks for making that game Double fine. I guess it isn't a new monkey island or day of the tentacle but I think we all know, that those times are over because it's very hard to get back the childish eyes we had 20 years ago. But we can still enjoy such games, especially with great storylines and humour like this one and maybe they give the children and teens of today the same feelings we had 20 years ago with three headed monkeys behind us, our smiling navigation heads and our hamster.
  13. I think it is good how the team now wants to focus on important changes. If you look at a project for too long, then you will notice all the small stuff that could be changed as well, but usually this are things that players will not notice at all (they will not watch the same scenes over and over again, but just one time). A video to illustrate what I mean is (you really have to concentrate on the task, then it may be similar to the flow you will get in videogames): If the game makes me laugh, makes me think or makes me care and is not too short then I am happy. I don't care about the three-headed-monkeys in the background, I don't care if the game looks like Monkey Island 1 (actually I would love that ) or day of the tentacle. I don't care if a plant moves or if there is less animation for a character. It is not what makes a game good (it can make a bad game less bad though ). In a way I think many gamedesigners tend to get so obsessed with details that they forget to ask the people what they think makes a game good and put the majority of the ressources there. But yea it is hard to do that. I is a bit like when a stand-up comedian spends 70% of his time on his looks instead of on his jokes. But that is just my view and I know there may be more opinions out there and what I have seen of the game seems good
  14. Jack Orlando A nicely done adventure game where u are a detective in the 1930ties. You were framed for a murder and than have to find the real murderer. I remember that the playtime wasn't that long but graphics were very nice at the time. And I still listen to some songs of the jazzy soundtrack today, it is so well done and fits to the setting. Music:
  15. In retrospect it would have been smarter to raise the price to 20 dollars just after kickstarter, 25 dollars 3 months later and now to 30 dollars, because from 15 to 30 dollars is a high rise of 100% that even if the content clearly is worth it may cause people not to buy the game if they knew the old price. Then again if someone does not know the old price, then they are probably willing to pay that much. I personally would point at 25 dollars rather than 30, it just sounds like a lot less or make a package of the game (standalone) for 27 and a package with game and documentary etc for 32 dollars or something, so people do not demand a version without content they do not want to pay for.
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