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  1. Sure. I like the new soundtrack and updated graphics a lot. The developer commentary seems vain, but it's interesting.
  2. Hi Matt. You don't sound like an adventure gamer. I guess that's ok. The reasons why almost any player would want both soundtracks available are 1) because the original game in its original form has been unavailable for over a decade; 2) you added to the original soundtrack, and it's interesting to hear what you changed; and 3) some people might prefer the original soundtrack -- "cheesy" or no -- because they believe it to sound better, i.e. because they don't like the additions that you made to an existing work. I recommend that you be very careful with the attitude that anything you guys do is an objectively positive improvement to an existing work. An orchestral version of the soundtrack may sound more impressive to you because it's "real" like a movie or something, but the Grim we loved had "cheesy" synth music and that's the music we know. It's an aesthetic in itself. Here's how I recommend you think about it: Imagine you released a new "definitive" DVD of Casablanca that included only a colorization and no B&W. That's an objective improvement, right? Who would want B&W, if given the choice? http://www.rogerebert.com/interviews/casablanca-gets-colorized-but-dont-play-it-again-ted Please do not sell a remaster without including 100% of the original content. I am already regretting that I bought Grim for this very reason.
  3. SUGGESTION thread...

    As usual, the ThunderPeel approach to this problem is: Stop worrying and love whatever you're given, even if it's not what you wanted or what was already available for free.
  4. SUGGESTION thread...

    We've already established that RVM offers hardware features (e.g., antialiasing) not offered by the Remaster in "Original" mode. The Remaster also has 8 save slots for no clear reason and a ton of bugs. These aren't steps up.
  5. Disappointed in the remaster.

    Agreed! Hope it gets fixed! This is really annoying.
  6. One review of the Remaster mentioned manual saving as a "negative" of the game T.T I can see obnoxious hipsters at least making an argument for that, but limiting save slots just screams, "We made this for consoles and didn't bother adjusting for the PC."
  7. SUGGESTION thread...

    So the original is actually superior in a lot of ways... I don't know why you would ever do a "remaster" without including 100% all of the features offered in the original version + standard emulators like ResidualVM.
  8. I felt the same way!! It's like they deleted a friend... from my life.
  9. SUGGESTION thread...

    Yes, or alternatively, more save slots would be a good way to fix this problem.
  10. Yeah, I was also puzzled by this design decision. It doesn't add anything positive at all.
  11. Dev's Play

    The Zelda vids were really incredible. Yep.
  12. An intrepid journalist should ask him what adventure games he's completed since 1990. I'm willing to bet the number is under 10.
  13. Something that always, always surprises me about these retrospectives: Tim Schafer does not seem to like adventure games. You can tell by the way he talks about Sierra games. He doesn't even know what topics they covered. ("Traditional fantasy" applies only to King's Quest and Quest for Glory. Sierra had many, many prominent series.) Do you think he played any adventure games at all after 1990? Ron Gilbert and many other famous designers are similar this way. I remember when all the Kickstarters were coming around in 2012 -- it slowly came out that nobody had even played their own company's games. It's disappointing.
  14. I like how he wanders around, as that's both what I enjoy and what I always did as a kid. I'm not opposed to plot motivation, of course, as long as it doesn't turn into a Quest in the Quest Log with a Radar Arrow (Wadjet's Emerald City Confidential had this problem).
  15. I used to hate bad 3D, but I now have a definite soft spot for all the games made using the Quake 1/2/3 and Unreal engines. That 1998 game looks awesome to me. Reminds of Everquest. I guess I might be a bit of a nostalgia fiend after all.