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  1. Bought Eddie's shirt. Can't wait till everyone starts asking "WATS THAT ON YUR SHURT?"
  2. The Deuce's Paint job is continually changing for me, almost every time I pass a Motor Forge I go in and swap the Paint job, I do keep the Bolt Thrower and the Side Burners Mount Rockmore = (left to right) Lars, Ophelia, Eddie, Lita
  3. RocketBear


    xDANCECOMMANDER - for the Xbawks 3sixdee SIGN ME UP
  4. Well I don't know who else has encoutnered this, but my MP is dead because Brutal legend says my firewall settings are too harsh. Which is lame because I've never had a problem playing an xbox live game with anyone ever before this
  5. Listen, wait. No, rather, read. This is most likely really old and been seen ages ago, but I didn't see where it was mentioned anywhere else. But, in the beginning of the game, when Ormagoden roars at 3 of the Kabbage boy rejects, is the one with the multiple hats on standing on the left side wearing a Gamestop bunny T-shirt? also this game is amazing and I have already begun the age of metal prior to grabbing it up.
  6. Got the Jack Black recording. I answered " Hello? BY ODINS BEARD ITS- a recording. Crums. But AWESOME BRUTAL LEGEND COMES OUT TOMORROW" coworkers were just watching curiously and slowly turned back around to work without saying anything.
  7. well at least you didn't have to jam an X in your name ...
  8. I really love my ps3, and I'd be getting BRÜTAL LEGEND for the ps3 if not for one key determining factor. All my friends will be playing on the xbox 360, so that's the sole reason I'm getting it for that system. I've just always liked the ps3 controllers better for some reason, think I may be the only one.
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