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  1. Spacebase Prototype Feedback

    Love this prototype. The presentation was spot-on and the building tools were so easy to use. I think my only real issue is that the only way to amass matter and population is to expand toward locations. The majority of games in this genre (granted, I've never played Dwarf Fortress) tend to center around keeping people happy and building creatively to accommodate that. The forced exploration-expansion feels constraining. If happiness/morale inspired people to go out into space (via ship or spacesuit) and mine matter for me in their 'off hours,' or if it promoted the (sadly cut) docking of ships accompanied by matter-paying folk, I'd be real happy. In either case, I would wholly support this game, and the proposed 'Minecraft model' sounds like the perfect route to take.
  2. Black Lake - Prototype Reactions

    Some of the images are distorted. And something tells me that bramble foxes like it that way... like it enough to defend it.
  3. Just finished playthrough of the prototype!

    This is probably my favourite prototype of the bunch. I had such a good time with it, finished it, and can easily see myself loading it up again and again. Suggestions: - Map with fog of war would be swell - Primitive descriptions on pick-up - Better way to defend yourself (shield ability, sprinting) - Some way to program away friendly fire - A way to really help direct your own bots (maybe give players the green markers for directing smarter heads) - Collecting a 'junk' currency to allow you to craft specific pieces, since there are stretches where you simply cannot find a key piece (mining laser, for instance) Other than that, I can see a fair bit of potential in being able to include a singleplayer campaign as well. Simply give the player the objective to find/kill a specific thing in the procedural generated level, create a variety of junkyard Tron locations, and throw in dialogue/narrative.
  4. My playthrough of the prototype

    I actually did not have a ton of fun with this prototype. Aside from the heavy commitment to animations, general lack of character control, and jerky camera (all which can be forgiven for the prototype's sake), I found a lot of the design philosophies strayed significantly from its inspiration. If we are using Journey here as a reference point, I found The White Birch to be pretty punishing (e.g. the majority of the puzzles lead you into a fail-state for going down the most obvious path). I died probably 8-10 times throughout a 10 minute prototype slice, and none of the deaths felt like they were my fault (either a camera, animation, or design issue). This would be fine if the goal was to make a punishing platformer, but I got the distinct impression that the experience was suppose to be an oppressively atmospheric climb rather than a trial-by-fire 3D platformer. In any case, I really liked the protagonist, the cutscenes, the music and the environment. Aside from those movement animation quirks, the presentation was pretty spot-on.
  5. Black Lake - Prototype Reactions

    I agree with everything on here. I think the only thing moving forward is to extend the experience to 3-5 hours, vary up the gameplay a bit (some non-tracking gameplay would be great), throw in a rough map of landmark references, and dole out new songs/abilities. I would gladly throw $10-15 at this. It is really tough to find any room for improvement in this prototype. Everything was nearly flawless. I think you just need to lean into the dream/supernatural stuff, and you'll be golden. Having some screen effects to show the player that they are being hunted by a bramble fox might be useful, and help to really drive home the panic of the situation.