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  1. OMG Thanks... I would have never saw this...
  2. So I completed the first Speakeasy quest and got distracted with following the glowing foot prints and didn't turn in the quest. Is there a way to go back to the other side of the sewer to turn in that quest? I can't seam to progress any further nor can I go back the way I came.
  3. Thanks! Fixed it. It showed in the previews fine but not when it was posted. Tim has always super friendly to meet along with everyone of DF Staff and Booth peeps! 4ty2
  4. So last year my best bud got to meet Tim at PAX. The picture was Tim's idea. My buddy Al is a super cool rocker. This year Al was sick and instead of giving everyone at con PAX POX he stayed home to get better. He was sad to not be able to go and meet and talk to Tim about music and video games. I was able to send this to Al to make him feel better. Enjoy! 4ty2
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