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  1. I couldn't help but notice that the title says "Part 1." Does this mean we will be getting part 2? All the other Tim playing videos say part 1 as well. Let us know 2PP.
  2. Just wanted to let you all know, I downloaded the update today and when I started a new game it worked! Playing fine now. Thanks! Macbook Pro Intel Core Duo ATIbRadeon
  3. I already posted my issue on the Bug forms, but appreciate the link.
  4. I'm unable to play the game, it crashes when I select the game save slot. Black screen of death. Just wondering how many of you are able to play the game...you lucky punks!
  5. Same here, game opens fine, but when click new game and a save slot, crashes completely. [sOLVED] Downloaded the update today 1/21/14 and it now works and is playable. Mac Core Duo Intel 32-bit. 10.6.8 Snow Leopard 2Ghz RadeonX1600 128mb
  6. I wish there was a T-Shirt the slacker backers could buy that says, "Slacker Backer." I'd buy it, it just sounds cooler.
  7. Maybe you could lure Tim into an office with a weird rubik's cube then say, "oh look somebody left Grim Fandango running on that computer" and start filming with your phone. Just an idea...
  8. You're assuming 2PP ever comes on these forums ever Of coarse they do, they want to see reactions to their films, all filmmakers do. But, my hope is Tim will see it and mention it. I'm sure 2PP doesn't care about what we want to see as they are too busy with episodes. But when Tim speaks, people listen.
  9. The verdict is in Two Player Productions, do it. Heck, film it on your iphones raw unedited.
  10. What I loved about Myst and Riven is that it was one of the first point and click adventure games to attempt realism and serious tone. Lucasarts adventures were whimsical and cartoony in contrast. I'm gladly backing Obduction, I hope they try recapture the tone of Myst and Riven which were the best of the series. The other sequels kind of lost their way and for some reason as the 3D worlds weren't as interesting as the pre-rendered photo real stills.
  11. Where's Mark Hamill? You got to put him in there, he was badass as Ripburger in Full Throttle.
  12. Here is the site for Residual in case anyone wants to play Grim on their new systems. http://residualvm.org/
  13. I loved those sidequest videos when Tim played Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle and gave an interesting commentary. I want to see one of him playing Grim Fandango! This can be done on his computer using "Residual" emulator as it was built for Grim and works great. Possibly his greatest adventure game and would love to hear his stories/thoughts on it.
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