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  1. I can only agree to everything that's been said here... It's a shame that the quality of this remaster can't compete with the previous releases... especially since it's my second favorite LucasArts adventure right after Monkey Island...
  2. First, let me say thank you for creating remastered versions of my favorite classic adventure games and bringing them to additional platforms. Unfortunately, I have to say that I don't like the Full Throttle Remastered release very much... It's running slow in terms of performance and the graphics don't always look better (in some cases even worse than in the original). Anyway... I'm a big Full Throttle fan and even tho I've expirienced a lot of technical issues, I've enjoyed playing this masterpiece again. Now... to my bug report. I've noticed that a lot of voice samples in the German version are mixed up. One example is when you pass the FBI badge to Emmet and he says "Whats that?" you hear a sound sample from Ben saying the same sentence. There's a lot more of this and I guess most people won't even notice it... but as I said, I'm a big fan of the original and played it like 100 times.
  3. I'd expect that the documentary being made as long as Act 2 isn't released.
  4. Nope. But I'd be happy to increase my pledge if that's possible.
  5. Hi folks, I've just finished the first act and... let's jus say I can't wait to get the second one. :-) Here's some feedback without spoiling too much of the story: 1) I've noticed some graphical glitches. - When Vella climbs up the ladder to the blue birds nest, she somehow gets behind the ladder. - When Valla climbs up/down to/from Cloud City, you don't always see the climbing animation as the screen fades too slow. - In some situations, NPCs are still talking while no longer moving their mouths. 2) The game crashed once while walking to the pyramid. I've pasted the OS X crash report here: http://pastebin.com/UBPNmG0U 3) On OS X when you play the game in fullscreen mode and try to minimize the game or switch to your desktop with a gesture, you can't always move the cursor when you get back to the game. These are all the bugs I've noticed so far. I loved the graphics style was deeply impressed how smooth the game is running... even on older hardware. I liked the control style with the item menu at the bottom of the screen. However, I had to get used to it and intinctively tried playing in Full Throttle way (holding down the mouse button ti interact with objects). Story-wise, I first thought that the first minutes of Shay's story (when he's sent to his "missions") were very boring. But when I noticed that they're intended to be boring to make you somehow connect to the character, I was fully on Shay's side and played it right through without switching to Vella until I had to. The story for both characters is very well written (props to Tim) and when the ending of Act 1 revealed how those two are connected... I was stunned. During the game I had several theories, but you guys proved me wrong every time. But there are some negative points too... I thought the riddles are way too easy to solve (except the Prima Doom map thingy... that one confused me a bit). You practically run through the game and almost instantaneously know what you have to do. This is something that disturbs me while playing adventure games... when you just sit there and click things without having to use your brain. If it wasn't for the great story and humor, I would have quit playing after one hour. In total: Great Job Double Fine! One more thing... as I'm from Germany and don't own a credit card, I wasn't able to back the game on Kickstarter. Anyway... I made a pledge for the game though these forums and got my Backer access. Later, I bought a second copy of the game with the Double Fine Humble Bundle. When I backed the game I included a comment on what I need to do to get my name on the list of backers in the credits. Unfortunately, I never got a reply. I'd love to see my name there and be remembered as a part of this thing. Greetings from Germany Sven
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