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  1. The idea is basically sound, but I would definitely not release the DFA episodes as-is. Do a cut-down version of them (down to 1hr I'm thinking) concentrating less on the technical aspects but keeping the finance/project mgmt stuff, with some commentary from Tim/Greg/Justin to avoid losing context. And keep the 'cuda as an analogy in it
  2. VGx was poorly executed. I watched it despite being on 12AM CET, and yeah, at least it was massively awkward... Joel McHale is a funny guy, IDK if they told him to act uncomfortable, like someone who doesn't want to be there, he's not that guy. Or at least doesn't come over like that in interviews...
  3. Yup. Even if they effed the game up which thank the lords they didn't, the documentary episodes alone were worth my money. Where in the world would you get so much entertainment for a measly $25?
  4. For me it was Dave Kaufman's deadpan delivery in the scene, after the jump to the Talon Nebula, click on the screen (not verbatim) Shay: Wow, this is the Talon Nebula? Marek: Yes, named after Phil Talon, the scientist who discovered it. Shay: Oh. I thought they named it that because it looks like a talon. Marek: *beat* It does?
  5. Holy crap. This was emotional even for me, I can't imagine how you guys felt when it went beta! Anyways, I saw today way another small (40MB) update for the game on Steam - bug fixes I assume; not that I saw any since the last big (~700MB) fix. Great work, the art is _amazing_, this visual style you guys managed to create is really breathtaking if someone takes the time just to wander around. Please make the puzzles harder in Act 2. I finished Act 1 in like 4 hrs, then played again jumping over any cutscenes/dialogues - 1h40m. Maybe add in a few junk items for good measure? My favorite line from the game so far is said by Marek after he tells Shay how the Talon Nebula got its name, Shay says something, and Marek does that deadpan "It is?" - So it's important to talk to everybody people. The voice acting is impeccable, especially the ever perfect Jen Hale; that coupled with the music really makes this game immersive on a level very few games are. I mean it looks to me like a perfect blend of everything, writing, art, acting, music... great job. Was Wil Wheaton mentioned anywhere in previous Episodes? I only remember Tim announcing Jack Black as a special guest but not Wil.
  6. I can't say why, but Cloud Colony looks definitely better! Wow. Good work! And I don't think I saw any layer ordering bugs in this build.
  7. Came to report the same thing, looked for someone who reported it already, found it an when I went back Steam was already updating. Great! Bug went away!
  8. Yup, same problem. Win 7 Pro SP1 x86_64, nVidia GTX460 with 331.82 driver, game in fullscreen.
  9. A short sidequest and still interesting. It's always fun for me as a technical person to watch a more artistic guy (or gal!) create something new. It's so similar and yet so different from when I create something (be it a high level design of some middleware or some mildly complicated electronics stuff). Also, when Peter mentioned the Sound Blaster, I looked at my old Gravis on the shelf... good buddy lost out to SB, just like Beta lost to VHS :-) If only they could've worked out how to do the SB emulation with less resources. *sigh* "SBOS installed"
  10. Will "Thin" Tim finish this playthrough? BTW, that would be a cool biker name
  11. Wow, talk about crazy energy If I spoke for 50mins like Dave, I'd need a bed to lie down. Awesome!
  12. I'm sorry Chris, I've gotten two update emails so far (26.10 and 22.11) but not the most recent one. I don't know what could've happened, but I searched my mail server logs for a possible bounce, and found nothing: root@jikov:~# grep doublefine /var/log/mail.log* root@jikov:~# Not a big deal really, just annoying. Everybody have a very happy 2013! Update; it's irrelevant, just got this:
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