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  1. 90-94. I enjoyed the game a LOT, but I still think it was quite short. And I was hoping the puzzles would get even more challenging. Of course, both of these things could be the result of me having quite a bit of luck with figuring out the puzzles, because on a couple occasions, after solving a puzzle, I had an indescribably strong feeling of "Wow, I pulled that one out of my a**!" Or maybe I'm just a genius (not very likely ). I also regret that some plot elements/details weren't explored/explained further. And I know this is because of budget and time limitations, but still, I would've liked to explore Loruna, instead of just going in there, bombing the mog factory and getting out, for example.
  2. People usually can't. That's called absolute pitch and it's pretty rare. However, nearly everyone can distinguish the pitch of two notes played in succession if their pitch differs by at least half a semitone (and identify which of the two notes is lower and which is higher).
  3. How do you figure out that each row of two symbols corresponds to one wire without figuring out that the symbols represent the corners?
  4. 100% agreed. I'm going to miss this too much when it's over.
  5. I would love to play a Broken Age sequel, but not because of any plot holes, simply because I enjoyed the setting and the world quite a bit. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas of what a sequel would be about now that the central point of the entire plot has been resolved, though. Then again, I'm not Tim.
  6. Nah, that's just a coincidence, dude.
  7. And I thought you could then actually fill that in-game chart. Took me a bit to figure out that it was just a nudge to the player to make their own chart on a piece of paper. But wouldn't that have been a great feature to spend another month of production on?
  8. Oh yeah, that's another extremely obvious hint which I planned on including in the list but then forgot to.
  9. Yes, this makes sense, seeing how you tried (and succeeded) to make failing to solve certain puzzles not be annoying by having to backtrack in Act 2 (both with Vella answering Mom's questions and with Shay untying Harm'ny's knot). Since this was a new feature in Act 2, it would obviously introduce new challenges for the game logic, which may require some things to function differently than they did in Act 1 in order to solve them. I must say, at first I was slightly annoyed when the game instantly took me to Shay's room after I failed to answer Mom's question about the boots because I already knew that's where I need to go for clues and I felt like the game was trying to "handhold" me. But then I realised how convenient it actually is, because if I was already going to go all the way over there myself, might as well save me the trouble of having to walk there. The only remaining problem, in my opinion, was that it was not made apparent enough that Vella's head shrinks when she's teleported to Shay's room automatically. The first time it happened, I presumed that it didn't - I thought the game's automatic action would not undo my progress ("progress" in this case being making Vella's head as big as possible with the teleporters) - so I avoided going back through the teleporter in Shay's room in order to not mess up her head, only to find out when I got to Mom again that now Vella's head is one "size" too small. It would have been great if her head visibly shrunk when she steps out of the teleporter after getting automatically teleported (maybe it does happen, but I just failed to notice it?). But I am well aware it is probably too late now to fiddle with these animations. So I guess... you're welcome for the useless feedback?
  10. That is slightly inaccurate. People with extreme views are simply more vocal, and a lot of people who don't share those extreme views are too apathetic to oppose that vocality from gaining ground. That's how it has always been and that's what has happened in the reviews section of Broken Age as well.
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