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  1. I like the ideas of Age, Broken, and Monsters, but none of the suggestions resonated with me, so I offered my own: Broken Monsters.
  2. Hey guys, I 100%'d BL when it first came out, but I recently decided to pick it up again ($4.50 at GameStop, made me want to cry ) and I'd love to get my ass handed to me by anybody who still plays. My gamertag is ApollosEpiphany, feel free to add me!
  3. I really like the angles in her poses, plus the way she stands, and C-K definitely exhibit that. As for the outfits, N, Q, and O seem like they fit her personality...something thoughtful and slightly magical.
  4. I love this idea for the story. I feel like the relationships in Psychonauts and Brutal Legend were some of the most inspired writing, and both felt "coming of age." I will always vividly remember Ophelia diving in to the water to the song Mr. Crowley. I think this could prove to be a really powerful story.
  5. Best. Soundtrack. Ever. You guys should do a game or something each ActionCast. I love each segment, they're great for discussion, but you should come up with a unique ActionSegment! I love it, though, please make at least two million! Also, where's my commuter check?
  6. If I get people to click this link http://bit.ly/aynQF4 every day (It just goes to the MassEffect or DragonAge home page) I get tokens to use to bid on cool BioWare swag. They're doing everything from shirts to lithographs to super expensive computers! I promise this isn't meant to be spam, but I sure could use your help! Plus, if you're interested, too, check out the BioWare Bazaar that's going on and then you can post your link here too. Everyone click on the link, please! That's all it takes! http://bit.ly/aynQF4
  7. I'm all for it! Maybe we can use this website to coordinate meetings... http://bit.ly/aynQF4
  8. Left to right: Tim, Ophelia, Eddie, and Raz. I had to separate Raz from Ophelia because I thought he might try and make out with her.
  9. Are you kidding? We get new Deuce upgrades and sweet new threads, and you want MORE maps? I want several more hours of missions in the glorious metal world to use my new stuff!
  10. I'd love to see something Action-Adventure related. Something like Uncharted, but obviously not realistic, something delicious fantastical, but very cinematic, y'know?
  11. Yep, I have the Xbox Originals version and it has the same Blue Raz issue. =[
  12. Woah, do you have the article/video that's from?
  13. What's really going to bake your noodle later is, would you still have broken it if I hadn't said anything?
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