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  1. I didn't save in a while and the game crashed, lost a lot of progress. I thought there might be an autosave feature considering there's a "manual save" but "continue" in the main menu just takes me to the last manual save. Having autosave at chapter points would have been less painful.
  2. It's funny hearing about game development of some of the greatest games not being a grand master plan. Psychonauts could have sucked if Brad hadn't come and that wasn't so much planning as desperately needing programmers. A lot of the time developers are asked about core features of a game and they'll say it's just due to the restraints of the system they were using, or they accidentally set some variables incorrectly. That's why I think KickStarter, Amnesia Fortnight and smaller games are so great, because prototyping and developing smaller games gives developers the ability to experiment. Brad probably wouldn't get a chance to lead a game any other way. Good games can't be made by accident, you still need great game designers, but you also need happy accidents and individuals taking initiative.
  3. If by traditional you mean old PC RPGs (from the 80's and early 90's) and JRPGs, especially console RPGs, but that's not true of many if not most later RPGs on PCs and many on console, they also have walls and barriers (destructible barricades, ridges), sometimes created by characters with spells, and position is important for staying out of range of projectiles, kiting melee, and avoiding AOE. Some RPGs have environmental hazards like acid, explosives, and gas. I think that TRPG have an emphasis on positioning, whether that's tile properties or a cover system, also movement trade offs like prone/crouch, whether you can attack and move. Players make their own environment and cover in Blood Bowl, they create tackle zone tiles and the characters make walls. I wouldn't say that Resonance of Fate's cover and position is even as important as the squad based RPG (Icewind Dale, ToEE, NWN, DA: Origins), let alone close to the level of TRPG.
  4. I don't think it has the emphasis on environment or positioning that TRPGs have. In terms of tactics it's more like a straight up traditional JRPG but with an unconventional turn based system. Turns between different squad members not between the player and AI and the attacks are determined in a real-time system. It has the "bleed" and "real" damage system that's in some games, I think they call it "thrash" and "direct", I don't think that's in many RPGs. I've never seen a mixture of both turn based systems with real-time like this, excluding semi-turn based systems like in MMORPGs and Arcanum/Fallout Tactics in real-time mode which aren't really turn based at all.
  5. The physical tiers still made around $900K. The more items they order the cheaper they are, so if MASSIVE CHALICE wasn't as successful the amount of funds from each physical tier pledge could be less, with half the backers and increased price of items they could be making $400K from physical rewards, but those people would probably still back the project at the higher tier digital making the campaign $300K. That's close enough that with a bit of variation, for instance less physical reward backers, having physical rewards could make Double Fine less funds than not having them at all. I don't understand why the $150 reward tier doesn't contain the stuff that was in the Broken Age $100 tier, I personally don't care about physical rewards, but I can see why people aren't going for the poster and the t-shirt. I really don't understand a lot of merchandising, I don't go out of my way to wear logos unless I genuinely like them artistically, or they're fictional companies from games and film. At least the DFA poster looks cool even if you don't know it's a company logo. I can understand people wanted a physical media. If you're going to have a physical tier you might as well try to get people to pick it.
  6. I think that's highly disingenuous to say it's not political then to talk about the "sub-text" of eugenics of choosing mating pairs and breeding being the only way to be useful to society, I think those are political statements and wanting to change the game away from that is also political. I wouldn't support a society that forcibly matched people on their genes or the message that one must breed to be useful, but I don't see the connection between something being represented in game and advocating it in reality, there's no subtext there. So what if a fictional fantasy world where clearly the capacity for violence is greatly valued also has selected breeding? It's just fiction, it sounds interesting. In games I may even play an extremely evil person.
  7. He has a point, Brad did say he wanted to be extremely inclusive including trying to work same-sex couples in, but I don't agree that's really what inclusiveness is, or that it's a good way to make games, or any art for that matter, but especially something as technical as gameplay mechanics. It's good Brad wants to represent different people, I've listed a lot of different kinds of people and relationships that can be represented, I like media that represents different types of people including games. I've watched many TV shows and movies specifically about different people like homosexual people, played many games with them in, nearly all my top 10 fav games. I just don't think it's a goal that should be aimed for, a "feature" like you can tick or place on your box art. I want gameplay to come first, and that if same-sex couples are in the game, it's not because anyone wanted to "work them in" for inclusiveness reasons, it's that the designers wanted them in, which also means if the gameplay mechanics don't work out, they get cut because they're in there on their merits.
  8. Fallout 1/2 I don't think count as TRPGs because you only control one character. Wasteland, not part of the TRPG subgenre, there's no movement of the squad, a lot of console RPGs and old PC RPGs are like this with turn based battle instances where you select attacks, I think that would cover most RPGs for long periods. Wasteland 2, not sure what makes X-COM or Omerta a TRPG but not Wasteland 2 apart from it's focus on RPG gameplay. In terms of tactical combat, the difference between X-COM: Enemy Unknown and Wasteland 2 is not going to be that different, Omerta even less, and Wasteland 2 has more claim to being in a RPG sub-genre. Wasteland 2 combat seems to be modelled on Jagged Alliance and Fallout Tactics, pretty much the definitions of Western tactical role playing games. Blood Bowl is clearly in the same kind of genre as X-COM or Omerta, a strategy management sim with turn based tactical arena combat. Part of the problem is that Western games like Blood Bowl, X-COM, or Omerta are not necessarily referred to as TRPGs they're just placed in the turn base strategy genre, because they only have RPG elements, and were influenced by the mechanics of RPG games, they're not trying to be RPGs and they don't come from RPG series.
  9. In terms of our biology a genetic view of inheritance is a factual one, with a bit of epigenetics, it doesn't lead to genocide and racism. Eugenics is only bad when forced upon people, many countries now have genetic screening advised for every couple and certain smaller communities who married their first cousins for centuries now really have to check if they're gene carriers (asymptomatic) of certain diseases before they even enter a relationship because it's so prevalent. With a genetic view "blood purity" doesn't make any sense, and is a pre-genetic view.
  10. Why would people need to enter a relationship to research things together? Sure there's been researching couples throughout history, but it's not a requirement, and a lot of them worked together before they were even friends. Free love (no marriage, everybody has sex with who they want), polygyny (one husband, many wives, patriachy, harems), and polyamory (any arrangement of more than two adults in a loving relationship) should be represented as well. In the media, there's one set formula for relationships that involves two people and they're meant to get married. People who don't want to have children but still want relationships, so those heroes that don't want to have children are just going to die alone killing demons? That's forcing societal norms on people, as if relationships are only about children. Genders, why stop at two? Clothes, transvestites, nudists, and never-nudes should be represented.
  11. The physical version of a game in KickStarters also tends to include the other digital tiers, in the case of MASSIVE CHALICE that's $100 of digital rewards. Subtract the digital rewards, the t-shirt and poster is for $50, when t-shirts go in the DF store go for $20-25 and posters for $10, so it's $15-20 more than they'd usually charge. Clearly these reward tiers are not about reward value, they're about pledging to fund a game. It would be unfortunate if the physical reward tiers were generous with lots of backers choosing them and the game just reached its goal, KickStarter campaigns have had to guard against that scenario.
  12. It's important for independent studios to get royalties and retain ownership of IP, so many studios have gone under or been bought only for the key talent to leave soon after. Psychonauts was released in 2005, around that time it became increasingly hard for mid-sized independents to get funding for $5-10m games that would sell 1-2m copies. Psychonauts was a rarity when it was released, it would have been much harder to have gotten funding in the 4 years following its release, and it simply wouldn't get released now.
  13. Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance 2, Fallout Tactics, Omerta – City of Gangsters, and Xenonauts. Is Wasteland 2 going to be a TRPG? It's turn based and squad based, gameplay is described as "tactical". Of course there's SPACE HULK (seems to be pretty unique gameplay based on the board game) and Jagged Alliance: Flashback in production now. Also Shadowrun Returns. Advance Wars isn't a RPG, it is a turn based strategy game like Civ, Might and Magic, or the campaign map part of the Total War series, which would expand the list by a lot. One of the differences is unit production and the amount of units you control, which in Advance Wars is quite a lot. Another is resources, in the case of Advance Wars are cities that generate money. "Tactical" is usually only used to describe squad based games but games like the X-Com series have a strategy management element above the tactical gameplay. The KickStarter page only called it a tactical strategy game, but the games listed as examples are all RPGs.
  14. They can charge what they want, it's not fair or unfair. It maybe counter productive, as Steam sales have shown, you can actually bring in more revenue by selling way more copies at a much lower price. The physical rewards on a lot of KickStarters have been too generous in relation to the digital ones, the digital ones cost very little to get to backers, there's no materials to buy, no shipping and handling. People are funding a game, not pre-ordering special editions, you can afford lower margins when you're just selling fan merchandise, but they're not just selling merchandise.
  15. I don't play bad RPGs that would allow you to spam base attacks, but then I haven't played one on console for a very long time and I don't play JRPGs. If you tried to spam base attacks on the turn based RPGs I have played you wouldn't get past the first 15 minutes. If a game has gameplay that is so boring that watching for commands to press buttons sounds promising then those games must be bad and I wouldn't play them. The problem for me is there's no control, thinking, or strategy, there's hardly any reflexes, the only thing it demands is attention, and that's the hardest thing because I can't think of anything more boring.
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