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  1. We already shared a lot of information about this: Programming Update #4 Art Update #6 Art Update #8 Oh wow! Must have overseen it! Ich dank Dir, Olli! Echt interessant und Lehrreich!
  2. Hi Lee, thanks for the post! Really cool that you took some time to describe it a bit more! Is there a chance that you could also speak about the character rigs in detail? I am so thrilled by the 2D Chars being rigged in Maya. I'd really love to learn more about the animation process and how they got rigged!
  3. Hey Lee, thanks you so much for taking the time and talk about the trailer production. As a 3D Character guy, I am so curious about the workflow with 2D characters in Maya. I saw in some videos you are using planes and joints to drive the stuff. But how did you handle edgeflow and keeping the silhouette? What about a sitting character? Or overlapping arms? 3rd dimension. Really fantastic! How did you do the lighting? Is it texture based, like a normal map for example? Animation looks so great. I really would love to see more technical making offs. I am sure a large amount of backers actually comes from the game biz or has anything to do with artistical stuff.
  4. Hi Tim, I love scifi and I would really love to see, that the boy visits different, fantastic planets/worlds during his journey. Each of them with problems / issues of them own. Themes could be society, nature, organisation etc. And it would be really beautiful, if the boy could change the worlds to a better place so he makes a really difference in the universe without noticing. That way, the relationship between him and sacrifice girl could also be more interesting. -Since she needs to be sacrificed but run away from that problem and he s a problem solver. But back to the scifi ideas: If you find iceworlds are tempting...do an Icecream world that is suffering under global warming. Turning the tasty ice into melted non usable sweets. No one likes melted icecream. hahaha. A huge, small world. A Planet with constantly changing gravity inhabiting giant gravity creatures & tiny low gravity creatures living ontop. two totally different societies: tinies are being suppressed by giant ones. Close to cold war etc. There s one problem that threatens the heavies existence. Only the tiny, weaklings can help them. -nice storyarc for social behavior, being kind to weaker ones etc. Player has to convince both parties to save each other. Fast Forward World. A Planet that is turning too fast. The char needs a device to actually talk to people, because they are so high pitched and fast, he can t understand them... nether can they understand him. -Quick night and day changes with puzzles attached to night and daytime. Characters could change during night and day cycles. -Timing based puzzles Storyarc here: Our current society being too stressfull and fast. This is a bit star trekkie techy: a giant Dyson Sphere built around a star. Inside black hole After being sucked into a black hole, the boy discovers, that there is a "universal repair company" that is putting stars out of commission to repair them (the universal view of changing light bulbs). They hide them under huge black shells. In Jupiters Eye. Nothing to improve here...just pure awesomeness being in the epicenter of this gigantic, eternal storm on Jupiter. Maybe there s a society that is constantly moving along with the eye of the storm (the only place where there is no destruction.) All buildings etc. could be matched. -> Walking houses for example. The inter-universal busstop. A Bus Station were people wait for transportation. Busses are Meteors being shot into atmosphere of other planets -> every shootingstar on the night sky is a bus from another galaxy.
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