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    Just wanted to say you guys made a great game and should be extremely proud. Bagels Artwork really stands out as does the voice acting, music and puzzle design. I hope that some day you guys will make more point and click adventures using the engine you have refined in this game, and would suggest you make one based on the wifebeater/zombie/slasher epic Dirt Nap found on the comics section found on this site. thanks again for the great game and for sharing the making of videos, they were hugely insightful and inspiring for me.
  2. Full Throttle Remake - I would put my lips on that! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwwa! :-*
  3. Boo yeah! I'm so happy Disney went with this, Grim is one of the best stories ever told, in a game or otherwise. HAPPY DAYS!!! WOOPWOOPWOOP!!!
  4. I'm just happy this classic story is being brought to a new generation. To hell with fanboism, if sony can help make this remake happen, then I fully support the decision to do it.
  5. Just finished Broken Age Act 1. 10/10 up there with the best adventure games, can't wait for Act 2. the puzzle i was stumped on mostly was the kid dangling on the stick, was a very clever solution, classic Schafer solution. Artwork was fantastic (well done Bagel and the art/animation team) voice acting was flawless, and the verity and quality of the music greatly exceeded my expectations while somehow remaining loyal to the whimsical midi soundtrack of classic adventure games. You guys did great and should be extremely proud of this game. Please make the Dirt Nap into your next point and click adventure.
  6. sorted here, hope things are better for Act II
  7. this is a post for humble support agent L.A. mail sent to me at JAN 16, 2014 | 11:43AM PST today <--- please notice that I am a backer of this project and entitled to a beta key Spacedog.
  8. got a mail from humble asking for PayPal authorisation number for the transaction, I sent them my slacker backer transaction to double fine. I don't know what's going on. why are humble doing this anyway? jeez, all you gotta do is make an excel sheet with all your backers e-mail addresses, count the rows, request that number of keys from steam, paste to excel, set up a mail-merge and let her rip on release day! I guess I'm one of the last not to get a key, there are already full reviews up from gamespot, IGN and forums are a minefield for spoilers. can you guys just pull the finger out and PM me my key please.
  9. I mailed DF support, they told me to go to humble support, humble support sent an automated mail saying they're too busy and will get back to me in 2 or 3 days(!). DF guy on here says there are only 100 slacker backers without a key. I use yahoo mail and there's nothing in my spam folder. still waiting...
  10. slacker backer here, didn't get link. tried humble resend thing, nothing, tried support e-mail, nothing.
  11. 'Grats on release on act 1 release. Looks like you guys went all in on this game and far exceeded expectations for production values. Can't wait to play it tomorrow.
  12. Cool episode. I especially liked the part where the dev spoke about the old Playstation trick, mapping little 3D details to 2D backdrop models. Good game development is full of these little tricks that look great or do lots, but have little overhead. It's what makes a great game stand out from an average one and is the reason i like game making docs and diaries, great to learn the little tricks of the trade. (P.S. cleared Brutal Legend on PC this week. it was great, 10/10)
  13. As good as these films are, I can't help the feeling it's drifting towards the style of a Discovery Channel reality docu-soap, like American Chopper or Deadliest Catch. I would like to see less 'I hope the game will be made on time/budget' project management melo-drama, and more day to day coding problems, ideas features. I like the focus on artwork, writing, creativity etc. but find coding coverage lacking, I know you don't want to bother coders at work, but a look at the challanges they face, and innovations they use in coding a game are very insightful. When Tim was playing FT for example, and during the bike fight part he mentioned the whole graphics section was lifted from the canyon run in a starwars game was badass cool. either way, keep up the good work on both the game and films, SD
  14. Dirt Nap the game, special edition box set: Featuring: -Signed Full Game DVD -24 page art booklet -Behind the scenes footage of Gabe Miller and Tim Schafer bathing in a jacuzzi full of money, women and ferraris. -Hardback Dirt Nap Graphic Novel -Groan Converter voice changer -Micro-Ribbed Snooty Singlet -Killsoft Master Suite App code for iTunes and Android
  15. New addition to store: Double Fine Wifebeater! $79.99
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