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  1. do you mind if i copy pasta your entire loot list guide to the steam guide forums?
  2. I'm personally in favor of an existing map becoming a new survival mision. I personaly think The Village, the first mission in the Pacific campaign, would make a cool survival mission. =D
  3. Wait, SSMG, Ironclad Flak, and Knockback?
  4. Did you get the PC version installed ever? I'm Ngerstenlauer in steam, and my Windows Live GT is BogusSuperQuack if so! I'd love to play together with anyone
  5. Unforunately I know nothing, but I wonder if this is similar to the reason why my game crashes when I minimize the game, and then restore the window
  6. If anyone plays the PC version, add me on Windows Live. My gamer tag is BogusSuperQuack. Also, does anyone know what time on Sundays is the Leaderboard reset?
  7. Edit: erased my entire post because it made no sense and was useful to nobody.
  8. Hey, you know I've tried placing a sniper on those mushroom's behind orange that are next to the knob-trap-dampener, and I've never really felt like I put it in a good sniper spot. Mind telling me specifically which mushroom? No hard feeling if you think it's too hard to describe.
  9. Haven't done hospital, but I got a buddy that did in a selker...gonna guess 5...plus I'd rather do swamp since its higher tube health which means more aggrivatinglygoodfuntime. we haven't had a match in a while, btw....how u been? Hey, I've been well. I and a buddy did a 2 man settlement the other day, which I've never actually attempted. We had to restart once, but I'm proud of the fact that we practiced and executed on Wave 7 taking down Arty and Volt Dropper before either could get a shot off due to our sniper placements (and the fiestas we carried). We're sadly still weak early on, and I have yet to even accomplish the first 10 waves in settlement without taking at least a couple hits to the bases. That aside, I'm still enjoying the game. I heard from a guy that he and another both 2 manned settlement with both of them, in Selker I's, which I think is an odd feat.
  10. have you already beaten hospital solo with a selker ii+? if so, did you use m. mines or shock mines?
  11. AHEM!!! There is only one Reverend! What are you talking about?
  12. I honestly don't recognize your name =D Having met about 14 to 15 months ago, and under my cursed, slightly different gfwl handle 'LetItHackTheMec' might not be helping either in remembering. ;P ah, good to hear from you. it was in my computer that I played this game back then, but it's now on my friend's xbox under the gamer tag Californ1adream. you're welcome to add me if you play on there
  13. Which level drops the Bomber Jacket? A guide on Gamefaqs says Level 2 artillery, but I don't think that's right since I didn't get it.
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