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  1. Here is my take on it: Haven't played Autonomous or Hack'n'Slash yet. White Birch is the kind of game I'd buy by default. Black Cauldron was the game I really wanted to get made. It's not your typical everyday game and it bears the unique double fine signature. Please make it into a "AAA" game, not a "budget game". That said, I am not a huge fan of the artstyle for the main character, she looks too much like Raz. Give us something new and unique please. Of course this is maybe just me. Especially I don't like that football shaped face, never liked it on Raz. Looks evil to me, like Stewie Griffin. I was skeptical about Spacebase DF-9 as that is what I call a "timewasting game", but I actually liked it a lot and would certainly play it. Like Middle Manager of justice has great humor, great characters and great writing, but I don't like the gameplay, and getting where you want to go wastes a lot of my time, so I stopped playing it.
  2. Finally, Gabe Newell pushed the button.
  3. This sounded like a really great concept, could have been better than Psychonauts with the right budget. I'm gonna go and cry in a corner now. :'(
  4. I'll try to be brief: Voted The White Birch: I feel like it's the type of game every Indie developer is trying to make, and we are getting saturated, especially on the PS3, but I voted for it anyway, because, I don't have a PS3, I like this type of game, and I guess I wanted to see Double Fines take on it. Black Lake: Now this was my favourite. I wanted this to be made so bad. The concept sounded really intriguing, the ambience eerie, and the artwork looked like it could have had some really nice dark art, intriguing characters and innovative gameplay. Too bad. The Flock: Sounded interesting and boring at the same time, until he said he wanted to explore the drama that might come up along the way. That sold me somehow. Not Voted Hack'n'Slash: While the concept sounds interesting, I don't know how fun of a game that would be. Spacebase DF-9: Sounds interesting too, but I wanted my vote to count, so couldn't just give votes to everything, also I feel like this concept, it's been done. Autonomous: Sounds just a little bit like RoboBlitz, and I've already played that. Also I don't think the final game would be AS fun as the pitch sounds. Milgrim: Towerdefense is just not my genre I guess. Though I like Kingdom Rush. Bragging and Fighting: Cardgames, again not my genre. And a fake fight that I then have to do for real, didn't sell me either. Also your reward is fake beer, as opposed to real beer, 'nough said. The Knockover: There are flash games with a similar concept to this. There is a recent game called Payday (admitedly probably with much less planning and recruiting). I guess it just didn't knock me over. CritterVerse: Sounded interesting, like a better/more fun Pokemon. But again, I wanted to make my other votes count. Echelon: Pitch didn't win me over, no idead what this is about. Did I hear something about Text Adventure? Not interested. Battle Bros.: Rogue Like Brawler? Randomly generated Adventures? Nah! When I read the name, I thought it might be Street Fighter with the DF characters, now THAT would have been AWESOME. Primordial Slime: I guess most gamers would agree, that we've seen this same concept now over and over again. Cloud Prix: Bad Pitch; sounded like an ego trip. Also, a cloud race? A game with white and blue backgrounds all the time, maybe white and black with yellow spots during nightime. I'll stick to something like Mario Kart, or maybe Double Fine Kart would be interesting, but give me something more than clouds. Redbot's Reeboot: Lemmings with only one lemming, I think I played a similar game already. Not too bad really, but there were better concepts. Flopulus: See Primordial Slime. Turk: Nah! Shine Run: Like Grand Theft Auto, only less interesting. Zumbi Chained: I don't know, the pitch wasn't great, not much to go with, could be good, could be boring. Double Fine High: Nah! Also, does this kind of proyect really need an Amnesia Fortnight at all? Or a budget? Sounds like the kind of thing you would do in your spare time on a weekend. Vetoed/Downvoted (if that would have been an option to prioritize other games) KAIJU PILEDRIVER: One word: Boooooriiing! Also, didn't I already do this in Psychonauts? And ever heard of Rampage? Silent but Deadly: A fart joke made into a game. Do I have to say more? Well, just in case, I'll say it. Even if I did like fart jokes, how long till it got old? 2½ seconds? Bad Golf: Bad concept. Bad Pitch
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