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  1. Still not deleted? OK, in that case, I'll show you the happiest man in human history: uivkKWJik_8
  2. I "moved" my topic to the "Games of Yore" forum. Sorry for the confusion. Moderators, delete this one, please.
  3. Well, you can't expect too much from a guy who doesn't see the difference between adventure game and role playng game. Still, I think it could've been worse.
  4. I hope you will not kill me for this, but I'd like to share with you the link to an old TV interview with Tim Schafer that I've found some time ago (searching through Archive.org archives). The interview is from 1996, so it is mainly about Full Throttle (which was released in 1995 of course): nzLgcTZdnq0 Interesting interview, in my opinion (even though the interviewer seems rather uninterested). By the way, I wonder if there were any similar interviews from the Day of the Tentacle or Grim Fandango period.
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