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  1. The search for a common ground I guess. I hoped that both critics and defenders of the game could come together in an joined opinion that the game is not as good as the old masterworks. And what the fact that we can agree on something would lead to less hateful behavior. Obviously what hope was misplaced. English is not my native language. So my style is probably not the best. You might have a good point. I think I have gotten a unproportional amount of hate. It might be because I state opinions as facts (I thought it was implicitly understood that when you talk about culture you state opinions not facts, but it might be more diplomatic to use word like "in my opinion")
  2. In the long run we will start to have professors of computer game history. And they will canonize games with story's what is timeless and says something about how it is to be a human. Also preferable a story that is open to many different interpretation. I think games like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle is fun to play, but they have not the type of story that will be canonized. Broken age might have the kind of story that will attract analysis in the future. It is also quite easy and short, two things what might make it more accessible for a future audience that maybe never have played a adventure game. Also we have the whole Kickstarter thing. Broken Age is an important early crowd sourced project, and that might also increase the chance that it will be remembered.
  3. It might be of interest to compare Broken Age(BA) with one of the classics, I choose Day of the Tentacle(DOTT). Lets begin with puzzles. We have some really beautiful four dimensional puzzles in DOTT. While Broken Age only have two good puzzles, the teleport and the tree puzzles. Sad, but so it is. The story in DOTT was good. A classic save the world quest really, but with time travel complications! Broken Age is as of Act 1 divided in two story's that don't fit together. I liked Vallas, you had a goal to kill the monster. But Shays story lacked a clear goal. It was more "rebel without a cause" when anything clear. We have to wait for act 2 to see if the two story's can be fitted together into something greater then themselves. The Gameplay/World. DOTT is in one way a cheat, the same house in three different times. But it works because the three times is distinct so it does not get repetitive. The world is the big failure in Broken Age. The beginning to Shay part is painful with the childish yarn monsters. The idea was to show that a boring life he lived. But the risk with showing something boring is that it might be boring to the player also. I think they need to redesign the beginning of the Shay story. Also, the baby chair he was forced to eat breakfast in was just not funny. The cloud colony is lacking something, but a bit unclear what was missing where. The Humor. The Broken Age has some funny parts. Especially like the knife and the tree. It was some years since I played DOTT so I might have forgotten some things, but did DOTT have a lot of good jokes? I suspect that Broken Age has better jokes than DOTT! It is a bit early to make a comparison before Act 2 of Broken Age is finished. But it feels like Day of the Tentacle is the better game.
  4. So true. I tried in another post to mention some of the weakness in story and game design. And that happened, lots of people throw veiled insults at me. The manufacturing of a consensus by trying to silence all opposition...
  5. The controls is probably a good thing. It is 2014 now so it would be strange to make a game and not design it for ipad and android. I also do not think a one-click interface hurts the game, Broken Age problems is more other things.
  6. It is very possible that the issues I have with the game would be solved if I played both part 1 och 2 at the same time. So might be a good idea to wait.
  7. They should not refund people. They promised a adventure game, and that has been delivered. I think Broken Age has some issues with both story and puzzles. But it is not a bad game. The problem is that both Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle was better games! But you have to reach for the the stars, if enough people tries someone will succeed. I will continue to support adventure games on Kickstarter. I will also support the next kickstarter that Double Fine makes. Also. They have delivered another thing besides the game, a game engine!! I guess what other company's will be able to use this engine in the future. So we have helped to fund the infrastructure for more adventure games!
  8. I have no campaign. And this is a matter of taste, how can one convince another about taste? My point is really more about game design. You can be in a boring area for one-two times without it getting painful. But if you have hard puzzles you would be forced to run around the boring part a lot, it would be painful. To make this a great game you would be forced to remove or redesign the Shay part and add hard puzzles. People talks like puzzles are all that is missing from the game.
  9. Parody is the right world. But it was not fun, so I will call it a failed parody. I have never been impressed with layers. If you take a bad joke and put on a lot of layers, the joke will still not be fun.
  10. Yes, but it also have to be fun in the beginning, middle and end. You can have a glorious idea for a story, but the quality is in the details. We are talking about art, right? And art is emotions. How can a emotion be narrow? How can emotion be thought-out? How can emotions be credible? One part was good and fun (Vellas). One part was bad(Shays). So "didn't like it" is not that I think. It was uneven, some jokes was fun. Some parts was painful. I guess I would give it 3/5. So do I. But the Shay story just can't carry difficult puzzles. If we had time for a total redesign I would cut the Shay part and make a game out of the Vella parts. Because what story is fun and would not be painful to have hard puzzles there. But we do not have that time I do not understand. My opinion is that one story(Vallas) was good and one story(Shays) was bad. How does that make it impossible for the two stories to tie together in the end?
  11. Parallel stories works best if they communicate like in Day of the Tentacle. So you have to do things in one story to help the character in the other story. Big design-error to keep the two stories separated. Vellas story is a classic tale. A hero going on a journey to fight a monster. Extremely common story, but it works!! Still the cloud colony and the beauty queens is not fun parts. But it had the most fun character of the game, the Tree! Shays part was much weaker. How could they think a spoiled teenager would make a good character? And don't get me started on the yarn robots. They should have followed Straczynski rule "No Cute Kids, No Cute Robots. Ever!". Imagining running around the yarn ship for hours trying to solve puzzles! It would have been torture! You can't just add hard puzzles to a bad story and expect it to become good. A story like Shays gets better when the puzzles is easy so that you can move forward fast.
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