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  1. Atleast you aren't in a horrible situation like me. I preordered Brutal legend at the end of july and my xbox is now rrod. The game will be delivered to my house tomorrow, and the Microsoft guys still haven't picked it up! So it will be at east 3 weeks until I get to play it. *sadface*
  2. Eurogamer just did a interview with tim schafer due to Brutal legend and his development history. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/double-fines-tim-schafer-launch-interview You know the article is good when the intro is: I'd recommend a read purely from the intro
  3. Sadly I live in a land of ice and polar bears (you may know it as Norway) and when these things I grumble to myself and just feel like moving to the US of A. Oh well, Good luck DF people to get one of these, hopefully it will not be a tween idiot who gets it.
  4. Can't wait for the game. What are you all gonna do on the day you finnaly have the game? Me well, sadly my Xbox has RROD so Won't get it back until November. So this means when I finnaly get my copy of the game I will stare at it, open it, stare at the disk, Read the manual, Look at the pretty pictures, pick of the disk, look under it, put it back, smell the new game smell (Don't judge me!) and then put it down again. This means however I am going to try to avoid all media coverage on this game as I want most things except for the demo revealed to me. Hopefully upon your first day with Brutal legend will be more eventful then mine.
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