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  1. Mog was the 'spaceship'. The missions as shay 'saving' the people, were you as Mog getting the 'tributes'. There was no real vacuum because, well, you were never really in space. So it looks like knife is never going to destroy all of infinite space in the end
  2. I've played the game through in it's entirety, and started to go through again to see if I missed anything - however during my first run alone I encountered a few bugs and thought it may be worth posting them on here in the hope they'll get seen and (possibly, hopefully) fixed. Most were positioning bugs, for example; SPOILER ALERT I came across a couple of other small things, but it'd be interesting to see what happens with these for now and if anyone else found anything similar.
  3. It doesn't compare to playthroughs of, say, Monkey Island games in length, no. Is that because I played the originals when I was much younger and so it took me longer? Maybe. Does that mean that I think this should compare in length? Not at all. I'd love for this game to be never ending, but for the first half to last me 4 hours of solid enjoyment ... I'm more than happy with that
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