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  1. I'm not going to make one because it won't get used lol. Mine would be: You spent too much money on Engine Development, Animation, VO, Graphics (art) and Contractors and not enough on Gameplay, resulting in a pretty boring (but pretty looking, with good "production values") short game, most of which is watching cutscenes and listening to VO. The puzzles are all really easy and require virtually no deliberation whatsoever. I hope Tim's daughter likes the [del]movie[/del] game.
  2. Who the hell uses escape for anything you press often? Lots of people here cannot into WASD ?
  3. I am demoralized by Tim Schaefer's twitter posts. One thing is clear to me from reading those: Sorry Tim.
  4. How doesn't it make sense? There's a lot of people with that concern. I am one of them. Adding homosexual marriage into a game about lineages is all sorts of confusing. How is the monarch going to reproduce? Adoption? Ok, I'm assuming this is not meant to be based on reality at all so let's say that's a socially acceptable thing in the game, but then how is a relic of an ancestor supposed to be linked to the adopted child? Can't be by blood now can it. So if it's "Just cause" then why couldn't any character etc use it and get the same power? There's all sorts of issues with adding in something like that.
  5. I hope I don't get banned for saying this but... I backed the new Kickstarter when it was launched in the small hope that it would be a good game because the concept does sound cool, but after that Interview video I have lost my confidence completely, and removed my pledge. The idea sounds great but the guy in charge (despite coming off as really enthusiastic) doesn't seem to have any idea about strategy games in general or the fact that strategy games live or die by their mechanics. I was hoping that when he mentioned X-COM in the video he meant the old X-COM but unfortunately he seems to mean the new popamole consolized piece of garbage XCOM Enemy Unknown). The list of games this team has under their belt also might be cool ideas but the mechanics behind them were terrible. The pitch of this game seems to mostly be relying around 'clever' marketing tactics. A recommendation to the team would be having a look at stuff like Crusader Kings 2 for the campaign map / lineage type stuff and games like Jagged Alliance 2 (or Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic) for a look at mechanics in a turn-based strategy done properly. Anyway good luck with the game and I hope it's not terrible, but I am not optimistic at all at this point.
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