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  1. Haha cool.. you post there or just lurk? Yeah Tim has said that he is a fan of DLC so I'm sure hoping for some dlc .
  2. Hey guys & girls! Having just beaten the game last night, and still playing the multi and cruising around the world ( still need to get a shitload of achievements ), I was wondering what you guys want to see for DLC. I am personally really hoping for another small chapter in the story, but I doubt it's going to happen. I would have loved to see a part of the map where the demons lived. But maybe DF didn't have time to fully flesh that out and decided not to include it. It seems that was sort of missing to me. Aside from that, more upgrades for your car/axe, and some more cool sidemissions. What do you guys/girls want to see?
  3. MMaRsu


    I have the day off tomorrow so I'm having great fun smoking weed and playing Brutal Legend. I've had the game since monday since they already sold it here in The Netherlands . I really love the game, thanks Tim and crew for this awesome world and game you have created for us. It really is amazing.
  4. People work hard on every game/movie/TV show, and yet there are negative reviews for all of those, whether they're good or not. Don't take things so personally. Tim even posted this video on the front page, because he thought it was hilarious.Sure there are negative reviews on movies/tv shows, but mostly the person who reviews them has actually seen the product in question. personally I hate this whole Youtube generation of kids and whoever just talking away into their computer. But my opinion doesn't really matter . I just don't find the kid hilarious, but quite sad actually.
  5. I just don't like the fact he is making baseless insults against people who have worked hard on this game and poured their blood sweat and tears into this project.
  6. Sure he can have an opinion, but just the way he talks about the game without even ever having played it, hating on stuff thats just weird. That kid is a moron, no doubt about it. Did you see his other video's? That kid is crazy dude.
  7. Want to see an hour of Brutal Legend? That's 30 minutes of MP and 30 minutes of SP ( not the demo part ). http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/brutallegend/video/6232660/gamespot-presents-now-playing--brutal-legend With commentary by Tim himself!
  8. Nobody dares to say anything negative about this awesome game in my presence. If they did my knuckles would have a nice encounter with their teeth! Mwuhauha .
  9. Hey guys.. I'm new here but have been waiting for Brutal Legend for quite some time now . Anyway I hope I can get it early, like monday or wednesday.. I'm free on those days but the rest of the week I have to work ( even in the weekend! ) . Oh and please bring the Pre-order guitar dlc to Europe in some way tim!
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