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  1. Same here, I was a "slacker backer" and no email yet
  2. They're talking about how long it'll take to make, not how long it'll take to play
  3. I exited the dead eye god pyramid after first testing the death ray, and saw bugged out textures ( http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12042/ ) Went back to the pyramid, talked to the "dead eye god", exited the pyramid in the screen with the two guards, went further down and then the game crashed where I should have seen the two "fish" maidens in Shell Mound village. Win 8 x64
  4. This is what I see RIGHT AFTER the death ray is first tested: Win 8 x64
  5. As Shay, right after removing the crochet hook from the yarn guy, as he is saying "Thank you, that feels amazing," his eyes look pretty strange (one is very lower than it should be, the other is higher than it should be.) Could be an animation choice but I don't think so.
  6. Just tabbing out of the game for a sec to say that this is even better than I hoped! The start screen was so beautiful that I just stared at it for a few good minutes. I'm starting with Shay, that stuff is pretty funny too
  7. The line where the spoon in the spaceship talks about the PH imbalance and suggests more whole grain nutrient paste cuts off. The audio cuts off at "May I suggest...", the screen immediately goes black, and I go straight to choosing the mission for the day with Mom. I'm on Windows 8 x64
  8. Hey Greg, I'm bilingual (Italian and English) with some experience with pro translation and I'd like to help if I can find the time. I'll probably play Act I in English first, and later on in Italian. When reporting localization bugs, do I cram them all in a single bug report? Also, do you need context for each line (such as a screenshot), or is it enough to give you a list of broken lines and the correct ones right next to them? e.g., [shay, in spaceship, upon meeting Marek]: "Mama mia!" -> "Mamma mia!" (misspelling) OR "Mama mia!" -> "Mamma mia!" (misspelling)
  9. What I liked the most about old-school adventure games was the amazing graphics (for their time), the humor and the really good VOs. I'm really glad to see that the graphics in this one look amazing, and the voiceovers are of very high quality. Before I was mostly curious about the game, now I really want to play it
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