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  1. Last Halloween

    Something tells me my boys won't go along with the candy corn costume :cheese: My daughter has expressed interest in the unicorn costume. Seems like it might be fun.
  2. Last Halloween

    The pumpkin on his head is a "Funkin", one of those synthetic pumpkins you get at a craft store. They are carvable just like a real pumpkin. The problems we had with it are that it had a strong chemical odor inside, and it was not at all flat for resting on top of your head. Also, it was a bit heavy, but not too bad. After carving it, we just let it air out for a few days and the odor pretty much went away. Then, we did some sawing and sanding inside to remove some of the jagged edges. We were able to get it to be relatively flat. Then we fashioned a hat of sorts inside made of some cushiony foam packaging material. This way he could wear it like a hat without it hurting his head. We didn't totally solve the weight issue, but it looked so cool on his head that he just went with it. And when he got positive reaction from others, it encouraged him to keep it on. We did our best to copy the face of the pumpkin as it appears in the game. Throughout Halloween night there were many people asking him if it was a real pumpkin, saying things like, "isn't it slimy in there?" Good times. :-)
  3. Last Halloween

    I've been meaning to post this since last October, but life gets busy. My brother gifted Costume Quest to my children for Christmas, 2011, and right away we all loved the game. Really, CQ is one of the most enjoyable and charming PC games I've encountered in a long time. Anyway, our family always gets tired of the same-old costumes, so for Halloween 2012 we were thinking of something better. Naturally, that something better was to replicate some of the costumes from the game. Making these costumes took quite a bit of effort, and some ingenuity, but it was mostly a labor of love. Everyone raved at the Halloween parties we attended (whether or not they were familiar with CQ) and also when we went around trick-or-treating on Halloween night. I think my boys are hoping to wear them again this year. I tried to embed the images directly into this post, but was having a hard time getting it to work, either via attachment or HTML. So please use these DropBox links to see a few photos: Pumpkin Costume Robot Costume Both Together