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  1. Big thankyou to Doublefine and all who sail her. best company, best people, best games. I(and im sure many other fans) really appreciate the effort put in, and the commitment to making interesting and worthwhile games. Cant wait to play it in a few days.
  2. Amazing episode, best Christmas present ever! You're all amazing! I saw a tram and thought, " wow, SF looks way more like Melbourne than I thought it....oh wait". Great music, loving it.
  3. Excellent news! Riven is still one of my favourite game of all time.
  4. Im a bit worried that a lot of that money would have been used for ongoing studio stuff and new projects. seems like robbing future doublefine to pay present doublefine. But whatever you think will be best, i trust you tim!
  5. Fantastic clip!great to see the faces of some fellow backers! Also, that game footage is looking amazing
  6. any character name hints? Tim always thinks up has great names
  7. this episode not acutually as depressing as i thought it was going to be. glad to see bagel working out the concepts again.
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