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  1. something is wrong with the resolution i think. the menu looks weird in 1080p, almost as if its been upscaled horribly. as for the videos, you're loosing a lot of bitrate and adding major artifacting because of the recording and recompression. this is whats happening (assuming you're not capturing raw, uncompressed video), and at each transition, there is a loss of quality due to transcoding. rendering of the cutscene at double fine | v compressing videos to .bik files for the game | v your recording of ingame footage | v your compression of ingame footage (it would be nice if you could specify your encoder and bitrate settings) | v youtube's own transcoding process the result is something that is vastly inferior to the cutscenes themselves (which are already visibly compressed for the console versions) here is what i would do grab the .bik files, and use a tool like rad tools or something else to be able to view the cutscenes themselves. then replace your recorded versions with the actual .bik rendering in a video editing program. this would give you much better quality, but of course, it would mean more manual labor on your part. also, the file names aren't very helpful of the biks last time i checked, you you might even have to view them all to see which is which. as for which is better, id go with 720, because im almost positive the originals aren't even encoded in 1080, possibly 720 though.
  2. whenever i press esc for the pause menu, it flickers on and off, then once i go back into game, everything stutters. At first i thought it had to do with my msi afterburner overlay, which has been causing lad issues this entire time (when i have it on, not even activated, the loading screen stays on forever, even though i can hear my character moving when i press keys), but when i turn it off, i still have the same issue. as long as i NEVER press esc, the game seems to run fine. system specs: phenom II x4 @ 3.6ghz 560ti 2gb with 314.07 drivers 8gb ddr2 800mhz ram windows 7 x64
  3. nice! that really ties into my screenshotting question i just came here to ask!
  4. Dear Double Fine, I, along with many other videogame photography enthusiasts, would love to take some epic screenshots of this amazing game, but that is hard to do when certain features aren't implemented. i don't know if this is asking too much, and it is probably at the bottom of your priority list to implement these sort of features, but i promise you, it will lead to some really great screenshots that show off the beauty of the game. the options that really enable videogame photography shots are things like a no hud command/ key binding, a character/model hider, fov slider (thanks for already adding that ), and potentially a freecam feature. Again, i know you're probably very busy with bug fixes, performance fixes, etc, but I, along with many others, would be eternally greatful for even a couple of these features . for a little taste of what i mean by videogame photograph, check out my personal blog, and the flickr group DET. personal blog DET
  5. i have been looking at screenshotting some of my favorite scenes in psychonauts for a group of videogame photography enthusiasts, but the persistant hud and character model, as well as the static camera and fov are quite a roadblock. are there any known ways of disabling any of these, starting with the HUD preferably? somewhere i read something about putting no_hud 1 in the psychonauts.ini , which, of course, doesn't exist. If its impossible now, what are the chances of a debug camera being patched in or something.
  6. so i'm seeing a lot of these videos, and some of them are taken in offices as well. Maybe its just me, but after seeing the kickstarter celebration, i think DF could make a pretty kickass Harlem Shake video as well .
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