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  1. I can't actually get the game to start at all. It is downloaded but it will only start up the little launcher and regardless of what I select it will simply not start. Was looking forward to checking this out!
  2. YAY! I enjoy being referred to as The Grande Miss Fabulous - however while making my seal I made a mistake when creating my unicorn stamp and want to erase. Would love for that to be an option. Oh, and there is talk constantly of doing a "Search Edict" but it doesn't actually allow me. LOVE the music!
  3. Wow, there are a lot of people on this thread that are special snowflakes... Actually now that I read through there are only about 5 really loud people. So scratch that! Chris, you guys are doing a great job, I know you have to apologize and try to calm the hoards but there is a silent majority that are perfectly pleased with how things are being handled. As a slacker backer I am really glad that things are centered here on the forums; if things were all through Kickstarter I wouldn't get any notifications at all! Hope you are having a great Friday
  4. I am getting some odd graphic glitches but I love the ambiance and the controls. Feels very smooth and the exploring is fun. I was not terribly excited about this game and was initially thinking that it wouldn't be all that fun but I could not be more happy to be wrong. I love the style and pretty much everything about it. I hope it does get picked up as it is just lovely and I bet it would have a great following. The art makes me wish there were t-shirts with the different characters! Really amazing work. I am going to re-install and see if I just managed to break it
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