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  1. Probably not. That would be silly and petty to no end...you do lock your doors, right? Well at least that was an accident. Whoever broke my pyramid waited until after class, ripped the top half of it off, and stole it to make sure it couldn't be repaired. That's weird, right? Anyway, I keep my doors locked. All sorts of defilers of scaled reproductions of ancient tombs waiting out there to get me for getting a better grade than they did on a project I don't remember the point of.
  2. Yeah, it does. When I first played the game, that messed with my mind and I thought you could not save at all during a level.
  3. (Hypothetical situation alert.) (Kid to Mom.) Mommy, can I have Dying Fetus for Christmas? (Girlfriend to boyfriend.) OMG, I've wanted Dying Fetus for years, but I've never dated someone who would give me some! (Dog to cat.) Bark. Bark. Bark. (Translation...Dying Fetus.)
  4. Seriously there is nothing new about consoles; if anything they are a dying breed, since the trend is going towards making the consoles function more and more like PCs (ie internet, keyboards, mice, webcams, webchat). Now the consoles resemble chopped PCs more than they do consoles. I doubt I'll ever waste my time with one ever again unless they just stop making PC games. Though I won't count Brütal Legend out just yet, because I've noticed that companies tend to announce PC versions way later than console versions. Maybe because the console companies pay them to do that to draw more attention to their machines?
  5. ...and I'm still mad...even though that was 15 years ago.
  6. I built a pyramid for school once. And then some jerk broke it.
  7. Enchanté. Yes, awesomeness in a bottle.
  8. Okay, okay I got it! And it's ALT 1,3,0 to make it é. I have to write these down, I'll never remember them.
  9. Oh, but then why did that person pose it as being the direct opposite of metal?
  10. I never knew you could do that! Quick, how do you put the accent over "e"?
  11. What the hell is Tiger Lillies? Wasn't that the Indian princess in Peter Pan?
  12. Yeah I'd say it's Bonita. It reminds me of the end of the level when she lights up the set. Whatever it is, it is at the top of the...uh...composition (which is sort of shaped like the set piece), above all the bright colors. The colors are also the same colors from the "happy sets".
  13. Considering that Psychonauts was played by people of all ages, it seems like a bad move to make the next game rated-M. It's like when the Monkees made the movie "Head", which was marketed towards adults, but mostly kids watched their show so it tanked at the box office. Not that the rating system really keeps parents from buying whatever games their kids want, anyway. Lazy people, they even have a website where you can search for games by the rating, but everyone pretends that they have no choice in the matter.
  14. muteki13


    I listened to heavy metal a lot in high school. I don't know if it's old enough or weird enough to be considered camp, but then I also don't know if Schafer is going for camp. I think he's taking an awful risk. If he wanted to make a game about something funny and outdated, he should have made a game where you play Speedy Alka-Seltzer. I'm also really surprised that Lemmy is still alive.
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