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  1. The difference is that I look for different things on Reddit than I used to on Telltale. The nested comment sections work there because they're, you know, comment sections, and not discussion threads. And anyway, like I said, I mostly just lurk anyway. If anything, the way I use Reddit is more similar to how I used to follow pages on Facebook (before they started hiding anything I cared about from my feed and I gave up on that too). I never really replaced the "community with an off-topic section" aspect of Telltale with anything else, and I never really stuck my neck out and got back into engaging in online communities. I keep to myself much more these days, probably to an extent that's not really the best for me.
  2. According to this thread, all games pre-TWD have been made DRM free. At the very least, I highly suggest you download Wallace & Gromit now, if you own it. Lurking on Reddit, mostly. After the forum split, I just never really got a feel for this place. I don't think I've ever posted outside this thread. I think I was just really burned out after the big fallout, and I needed a break from things. I kept in touch with the very best of the friends I'd made, but I wasn't really in any mindset for keeping up with public forum. I was also still dealing with the recent loss of my mom, so life was pretty hectic at the time. By the time things settled down, the forum wasn't a part of my routine anymore, and while I continued to check in on this thread from time to time, and I thought of you guys often, I just never really made that plunge back in. I came back tonight to see what everyone was saying about the closure. I really wasn't expecting to find people saying that they missed me. It really means a lot to me. I can't promise that I'll be a forum regular like I used to, but maybe I can try to check in with you guys more often? Oh, and as far as what's been going on with me, my dad burned down my kitchen with a Pop-Tart and a faulty toaster about four months ago, so I'm waiting for my house to be rebuilt. Thank goodness for good insurance coverage. Way to undersell it. We're going to Dashing and Tope's wedding in a week. When the two of them met up with Jake at PAX last month, he described the news as "the best thing that ever came out of Telltale". Whoops, nevermind. The wedding part was nice, at least. Damn, I want to live in that timeline now. Really depends on if Disney was willing to play nice with the license, though. But hey, maybe in one universe out of a million, it worked out that way.
  3. Does Steve Purcell remember Sam & Max? My guess is that he doesn't have much time to work on anything related to Sam & Max, what with working at Pixar and all. He posts Sam & Max stuff on his Facebook pretty often, though.
  4. Wait wait wait wait wait. You're telling me that there's still anybody left at Telltale who still remembers that they did Sam & Max?
  5. It's from "relationship" afaik. oooooh, well that makes sense. Still kind of a lame term, though. I mean, I wouldn't ask a girl out by asking if she wants to "ship with me". I would only ask her that if I were pirate captain inviting her into my captain's bunk. It's not a term for hooking up. It refers to when googly eyed fangirls support a relationship, whether it's against canon or not (though bonus points if their ship is canon). Example: OMG I totally ship Harry and Luna Lovegood! See Also: Team Edward/Team Jacob, perhaps the most infamous shipping incident of all.
  6. Did anyone ever hear anything about Harrison Pink streaming Sam & Max season 2? I'm just curious whether he hasn't gotten around to it yet or if he did it and I missed it.
  7. The most recent Telltale game I've enjoyed is Poker Night 2. Even in the midst of their decline, Telltale can still make a solid poker game. Shame about Ash, and I'm not crazy about Dave Boat's take on Max, but I really enjoyed GLaDOS, Sam, and Brock, and the addition of Omaha Hold 'Em made the poker more fun for me. Even some of Claptrap's dialogue was fun. Besides that, I enjoyed TWD Season 1 well enough at the time (it was a hell of a step up from Back to the Future, and I skipped Jurassic Park and Law & Order), but it really wasn't the game I wanted it to be. Between that game being not exactly what I was wanting, the forum fallout, and general dissatisfaction with the company, Poker Night 2 was the only thing I played after that. There was a time where I was interested in 400 Days and TWD Season 2, but these days I'm perfectly content to just let Clem's story end in my own head at the end of Season 1.
  8. I've honestly reached a point of apathy where I own Wallace and Gromit, Jurassic Park, the 400 Days DLC for TWD Season 1, and The Wolf Among Us, I've never played any of them, and I can't be bothered to touch them. I really should want to play Wallace and Gromit, but I've gotten to where the idea of playing a new Telltale game (even though I know it's only new to me) leaves me with a pit in my stomach. I really need the next episode of Life is Strange to come out. Dontnod is making exactly the sort of game that Telltale is trying to make, but it's actually really good.
  9. Yeah! A bunch of Homestar Runner kids are gonna come over to our community! Not good! Or is it Jurassic Park fans? Walking Dead fans? Game of Thrones fans? Seriously, this happens every two years or so. I'm actually legitimately curious what property this particular user rode in with. As for the game, I'm not sure what makes me feel worse, seeing Patton Oswalt's name attached to it or seeing it called an adventure game. Also, this looks like a rip-off of The Lego Movie combined with a zombie flick.
  10. I still talk to her outside the forum. She just recently started working in a ramen shop and she's loving it. I just posted on the last page! ...but yeah, I'm largely absent from this place. And speaking of doodo, I recently found a bookmark to that time he made a post in Whatever that was just orgasm sounds. Amazingly, the bookmark still works.
  11. Yeah, that's a legal thing. Easily the most serious moderation issue I ever encountered was COPPA violations. Some of you might remember a certain well-known younger user having his account deleted suddenly with no explained reason, not even the thinly-obscured sort of explanation the mod team would give to calm people down sometimes. This was because I happened to mention in passing something about him having been 12 when he joined, and the head of the mod team (I think it was the tech support guy at the time) saw my post and flipped out. Shortstack had grown out of the COPPA age range, but because he had been 12 when he created his account, legal had Support Guy delete Seabrush's account anyway just to cover their butts. There's a certain younger user who frequents this thread who I asked about his age years ago, and he really dodged a bullet in that I didn't know about COPPA yet.
  12. Hey, I only play a crazy windmill guy on the internet.
  13. Had a slight obsession with the Song of Storms in middle school. The 214 has no significance to anything. I actually might've stolen it from a friend, and I don't think the numbers had any significance to him either.
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