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  1. Thank you for that enlightening answer
  2. Just wondering if Double Fine's planning to continue/expand support of Nintendo platforms. So far I see there's only The Cave and Costume Quest 2 on Wii U. Touchscreen (3DS, Wii U gamepad) and motion controls seem like a good fit for point & click adventures to me. I started out as a young PC gamer. I remember Full Throttle left quite an impression on me. Later got into Nintendo with the N64. Although I don't play games often anymore, haven't let go of them since. Also wondering what the folks of Double Fine think of Nintendo. Saw Tim Schafer playing Animal Crossing in the Broken Age documentary series.
  3. Thank you for sharing that great pic Special atmosphere they created in that game. Made a lasting impression on my child's mind.
  4. Great how Tim talks so openly about his early days, looking for a job and such. We've all been there. Also nice how we are given a view behind the scenes to, like he says, demystify the game development process. I'm going to continue to watch this series with interest. Thanks.
  5. Just watched the trailer. Like the artstyle and music; feels poetic. Looking forward to your game. friendly greets, Sam
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