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  1. To anyone interested: the 50% discount is finally on Steam. So go get your copy as it'll only be available till next Thursday. I don't know how long this discount has been running but it'd be nice to see you advertising it through twitter and all that so people that don't open Steam that often can still hear about it
  2. So, I assume that there will be no discount for PC. That's very nice if you're not in the US and use a PC = higher price and no discount. Great.
  3. Hi, as the title says, are there any plans on applying the discount you have on the mac app store also on Steam (PC)? I was wondering if the mac version is any different from the Steam one. I really would like to buy the game but there some things that are holding me back, like the difference in price between the US and EU versions (I'm in Europe and I'm very tired of the 1$=1€ exchange rate) and now this huge discount only for mac users. So, are there any plans for discounts on other platforms? Thanks.
  4. I kind of imagine this game with the atmosphere of Limbo or Lucas arts' Lucidity, if you remember it. DdBK4Ervgbs I'm undecided between this one and The white birch.
  5. I chose Lost Horizon. I REALLY recommend this game. I first played the demo mainly attracted by the graphics and the cover and then switched to the full game. It felt like taking part in a movie with its great story and dialogues. At some point I event had the same feeling as when I played the Indiana Jones adventures. The trailer: Gl0FR7rGyZc
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