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  1. This one had me stumped for a while, so I was bummed at hearing people missing out on the awesome convo with the tree midget guy. Simply do this: Fill up the hole with cloud, and make it so she intentionally takes off slippers on that spot.
  2. That got a little uncomfortable around the time the dude said something about unrealized main characters. He also had this funny way of reacting to answers "Huh!" like he was surprised every time. As to his point about characters though, I felt Shay's clinical depression was very tangible in his facial expression alone.
  3. Some more: The hand that feeds References whomever was gonna feed the girl to the monster; And the ship-mom. Severance pay The price of dodging one's duties/severing ties; there's also an umbilical cord in there somewhere.
  4. Roving Womb. Reference to both the ship/mom and how primitives might characterize a teenage girl acting out. Wild Oats
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