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  1. I like the pitches that were chosen, especially The Gods Must be Hungry and Darwin's Dinner, but I also wanted to see Taroky, Iron Legion, Jacinda, Soul Garden, A Slice of Heaven, Symphonic Strife being made! AAARRRRGH, too many good pitches, those ideas were great, I would definetely buy actual games based on them!
  2. I don't think you're right. I mean, you are right for AAA console games, but for indie digital download game those are exactly the games that sell the most Games like Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead sold pretty well. It's not like a AAA game can't sell if it's not a dumb uninspired online multiplayer FPS. They usually don't sell well because they aren't supported by adequate marketing.
  3. I did it for half an hour and nothing happened. Am i missing something? It doesn't have to happen there. If you stop for a sufficient long time for example in the hub world, the comment will come there too. It's just a short comment about how it's been just two weeks, but feels like forever. I see. Nice reference indeed.
  4. Ok, on the plus side, i think the art style is great and the animations are amazing. I also like the sound a lot, it's fantastic. I didn't like two things, basically. One is the camera. I think it's way too close. I like how it zooms out when you perform an attack, but it's definetely too close when you explore. While exploring, you want to see as much environment as possible. The camera narrows the view too much. My strongest complaint, however, is in the controls. The running is pretty smooth, but the fighting is not. I found it really difficult and clunky to point to an enemy to hit it. When kicking, the horse keep steering left or right a bit so it makes hitting enemies annoying. Also, the 1-2 combo never really works unless you are completely crowded; otherwise, most of the times you just hit one guy and then thin air. The AI of the enemies is annoying, because they keep running away from you ruining the fun of the combat because you basically have to chase them and blast them with magic all the time, but it's ok since it's a prototype, and you can't really expect making a perfectly functional AI in two weeks, it's impossible, i guess. I'd like to be brutally honest and tell that of all the prototypes this is the one i probably won't buy if it becomes a full game, because it looks very cool art-wise and story-wise but plays just like any other 3D action game, and there's dozens of those already. But that's just my personal taste and i think that overall you achieved some very good results, especially with the animations, considering the two weeks time limit. Hope i didn't sound too harsh. Please, take it as constructive criticism.
  5. That's brilliant. Having it dynamically change depending on you actions is very well thought. For me it was Felix, but i assassinated Karl just for good measure (those reports about him from the police seemed very suspicious), then i searched the other ones' homes out of paranoia and it turned out it was Felix, so i got him arrested (i didn't trust the assassination thing because it was his department). Good fun.
  6. That's half the game. After the war thing, it should keep going on, and at the end of that second part of the game, THEN you have to figure out the traitor thing.
  7. Interesting experiment. It did turn out half-cooked, but they set the scope too high for it to be completed, i guess. Watching the development documentaries, i saw that Pen was aware that there was too much content in it to be finished in two weeks. Maybe he should have cut the number of buds to start with, i don't know. But i guess he really liked the story he thought of and didn't have the heart to cut a good chunk of it. Great voice acting and very interesting story and ending (getting it is a little bit too much tricky, tho). It's kinda annoying having to replay through all of it to try again when you loose, to the point it's a little bit frustrating, especially since the dialogue is always the same. For a game with sandbox chat, it seems too piloted, maybe. It's an incoherent mess as it is, but you can definetely tell there's a very interesting game hidden there. I'd really like to see what they could do with more time. I would cheerfully pay with my money for that. Tim and Pendleton should DEFINETELY write a graphic adventure together, also. Man's a genius.
  8. I did it for half an hour and nothing happened. Am i missing something?
  9. Check the AF Day 8 video: Ahhh, i see what they did there.
  10. I didn't vote for Mnemonic (actually Dear Leader was my only voted game out of the tree pitches), but i must say it was absolutely brilliant. Watching the development diary i thought the whole project may fail at some point, but it came together pretty nicely in the end. Which is awesome really, considering Derek had no previous experience as a designer and that Brad kept saying that he had no idea how to make a graphic adventure game. Good job. Would definetely buy a finished product. Hope DF would seriously think about it. EDIT: A little more feedback: I got stuck at the picture puzzle as other people did. Not nearly as badly as i got stuck in other, full finished, highly praised, point-and-click adventures, tho, so it's perfectly fine. Just took me about half an hour to nail it.
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