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  1. Does Stacking have vibration/rumble

    @nmalinoski Oh, I see. Thank you for your thorough answer! This answers all of my questions and more. And saves me quite a bit of time. Edit: I checked the Linux version and there is no rumble there, either, but I didn't expect there to be. I'm using a logitech rumblepad 2.
  2. Does Stacking have vibration/rumble

    Does stacking have any vibration/rumble with gamepads?
  3. Since you all seem to have great taste in games , I thought I would create a thread whereby I give you all permission to add me on steam, and if you would like to do the same you can do so here as well. My steam community tag/url can be found here but i could also be found by searching for FragmentalStew. Add me if it pleases you, or if you would prefer, let me know your info and I will add you instead.
  4. Darwins dinner white?

    In the AFDarwin folder there is a folder "Engine"; go to Engine>Extras>Redist>en-us> and there is an exe called UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe. If you haven't run that yet, try it and see if it fixes your issue. Also, make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
  5. Screenshots & Videos

    I made a gif
  6. Steam keys are up now, but you might want to wait a little while before activating them. Apparently there was some issue that needs to be sorted out.
  7. Extra copies for multiplayer?

    I am very much regretting not buying extra copies.
  8. Prototypes and Wine

    In lieu of native ports, anyone have any luck getting the prototypes to run on Linux or Mac using Wine? Any tips, or success stories welcome.
  9. Concept Art

    Don't know if I ever responded to this. It's a better place for it, or maybe on a menu you can access in-game. I'm not entirely sure about the state of sfx and sfx-switching. Feel free to make a github issue about it, though I don't know if anyone would be able to get to it for a minute.
  10. General discussion

    I agree with all of this. It's been an honor and a privilege to work with all of you, talented developers, on Pongball.
  11. PongBall Dev Video Chat Meetup

    I'm workshopping the idea of having some sort of voice or video chat meeting. Maybe through google hangouts (or similar). The idea is to get everyone in one place for 30 minutes to hash things out and make sure we're all on the same page. Talk about what we've been working on and what we plan to work on. Share ideas. Share screens. Ask questions. Answer questions. Get instant feedback. Maybe record it all for log keeping and so people who couldn't make it can see/hear. As for the time, I was thinking that a lot of people seem to be available before the live streams so maybe 1-2 hours before that? In order to keep the meeting moving along, and not go over time, I think it would be good to have a loose agenda beforehand. For example: Gameplay discussions(discussing what we can do to make the game more fun) Level design discussions Programming discussions And then after the planned discussion has been taken care of we can talk about any technical issues a person might be having (issue with git or anything someone might have struggled with). Maybe split off into different hangouts to address specific issues. Feel free to post about whether you would or would not be interested, offer times you would be available, and offer suggestions.
  12. PongBall Dev Video Chat Meetup

    I hope you guys don't mind me posting this here. I can hide it, if you like. Here's some disorganized notes from the meeting. I probably should have shared them early, but I knew it was just kind of a jumble of words Here's a sort of more condensed list of notes
  13. Team photo!

    Haha. That's really good. I enjoyed your 24 second funky bass jam when I was implimenting the music player earlier. Has a sort of toe jam and earl feel to it.
  14. Team photo!

    I'm selling these fine leather jackets
  15. Team photo!

    Lol. Fixed
  16. Team photo!

    Oh haha. I thought that might have been kednar.
  17. Team photo!

    @kednar where are you?
  18. Art assets

    I like it. It should be really easy to add logos to the logoswitcher. There are some text doc directions for it as well. I think thats in the folder the UI assets are in on the pongball repo. As for icon, since there will be only one, we might want to have a vote on it. This being the only icon so far would put it in the lead.
  19. Mentor Schedule

    Thanks for the link. I was able to add a notification to YouTube so I should be notified when it goes live.
  20. Team photo!

    Side note, I used to play with Eddy Riggs hair in team fortress and he had a (move? Taunt?) That was basically this pose.
  21. Team photo!

    I love everything about this.
  22. Slack?

    I thought I would try out slack since I'm in a van, in transit, and can't sleep and the irc server seems to be broken. So I made a slack team. The name can be changed if need be. If you want an invite, pm/dm me your email address.
  23. Slack?

    I've done a little testing with slack and there are a few nice things I've found. One: you can pm or do group chat and can make channels based upon specific discussions. Two: it automatically keeps your message history up to a number of messages. Three: it will actually tell you how behind or ahead a person is according to their timezone Four: they have a really nice android app with a nice interface and notofications. So far I've only been able to connect to irc briefly, but slack seems to be asynchronous so I don't need to maintain a constant connection. At the very least, I feel like it would make a good backup option.
  24. Team photo!

    Haha! That's amazing Kednar.