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  1. As a huge fan of adventure games, I enjoyed Broken Age. I have some criticisms, but they are far outweighed by the overwhelming positives. I thought the puzzles were designed in a classic, adventure-gamey way, even though I think a couple of them (lookin at you, spaceboots) were a little obnoxious and were just made harder for the sake of it. Once past the troubling puzzles though, they were soon forgotten and the frustration subsided. I loved the art style, the animation and the voice acting. In fact, the entire game's production value was absolutely top quality. I can't speak for the code, but I didn't encounter a single bug throughout Act 2. I think I may have run into 1 during Act 1, but if I did, I can't remember it now. The one thing that bothers me though, and this may sound slightly odd, is that Broken Age didn't feel like it fit in the same universe (for lack of a better word), as the old Lucas Arts adventure games it was inspired by. I always felt that Monkey Island, DotT, Throttle, Grim, Sam n Max etc, existed in the same sort of universe (again, for lack of a better word), in the same sort of way Marvel has a huge universe. Broken Age felt like a standalone story (albeit a very good one), and that's the only disappointment I had about it. I'm not saying I wanted cameos from old Lucas Arts games characters or anything, just that it didn't feel like one of those games. Anyway, Broken Age was a roaring success, and I loved the documentary too. It's been nice to be able to follow development from start to finish. Here's to more adeventure games in the future.
  2. I hear you on this dude. I can't figure it out.
  3. I'm against it. Let me explain why. This project is special and meaningful to every single backer that supported the idea since its conception. We, as backers know the ins and outs, the beauty and the ugly, and everything else that goes into the unique production of Broken Age. If you think alleviating the bad press will help in the sale of part 2 and the game in general, then from a business standpoint I get that, I do. However, do we really want to roll over and just give in to the pressure? I certainly don't but again, for DF as a studio, I get it. Years down the line Broken Age will stand on its own merit for being a beautiful adventure game, born and produced out of love for a beloved and forgotten genre. None of this shit will matter, and Broken Age will come of age, and nobody can stop that. Release it to the hounds if you like, I've got your backs no matter what, but I don't think you/we should buckle. You are Meathook, we are Roger. Hello Roger.
  4. Sequel?

    Pretty much posted the exact same thing shortly after release. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/16248/
  5. I couldn't agree more. I don't think there's something more to develop in the storyline. "Nobody knows what's gonna happen at the end of the line"... And nobody needs to know. It's a perfect ending. Maybe a philosofical one too. I'm afraid a sequel would spoil it. You're thinking direct sequel. I'm thinking expanded universe. Many stories could potentially be contained within it.
  6. Exactly.. why waste this huge universe?
  7. I've finished it plenty of times
  8. I'm playing through it now, and as much as I'm over the moon that Grim Fandango is finally playable again without community mods (which I truly appreciate in the time between 1998 and now), the game needs to look fresh on every level. It's not possible to do this with the original game due to time, money, assets etc (or maybe it is? I don't know), so I personally think we need a sequel. It would be an insult to toy with the original game anyway, a touching up and being able to be played on current generation systems was all it needed. Perhaps not a direct sequel, but something in the same universe, with the same art style because it is mindblowingly gorgeous and there is nothing else around like it. Nothing. Grim Fandango has stood the test of time with it's look and feel and Tim & every person who worked on this game, back then and now, should be truly proud. The only reason I bring this up is because I've just seen the cutscene where we pick up Meche, and the pixellating on the cutscene itself was heartbreaking, especially when it moves into the scene with Meche sitting at Manny's desk with the new textures and lighting on her. I would absolutely love to see another game, in this style, in full 16:9, 1080, beautifully rendered on current generation systems. Thank you for bringing the dead back to life Double Fine, Sony, and everyone else involved. I'll get back to the game, you get on with drawing up a sequel yeah? Cool.
  9. Steam achievements?

    Point and click. This is an adventure game. No Other Way
  10. New trailer

    Yeah looks like someone hit the publish button a little too early..
  11. Estimated release ?

    Appreciate the response. Exciting.
  12. Estimated release ?

    Matt, will you be using the source files of the original, or the source files of the remake that LucasArts Singapore had "80%" complete?
  13. First official screenshots

    Put your glasses on.
  14. Day Of The Tentacle Special Edition

    Same here. I guess that's what happens when you stumble upon internet opinion. I took the special editions for what they were, with no prior review/opinion reading, and enjoyed them the same way I did many years ago. Obviously I wasn't as wise then as I am now. Those special editions looked modern, but felt classic. That's the same feeling I'd want for DOTT SE too.