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  1. During the final fantasy tactics stream, one of the team members mentioned being inside a colossal colon. This should be in the game. I'd like to see the demons use gigantic monsters as siege weapons, and you would be able do a mission where you send a team into the monster, through its butt parts, to slay its demon heart and save your keep. Timeghouls. I assume there will be a graveyard for your ancestors. What if the demons could invade it and cause your families to come back to life and attack you? It would be awesome, that's what.
  2. I recently discovered that there is an obscure, terrible metal band named Timeghoul. Obviously, this must be a character class.
  3. This is a tale of how Broken Age brought the dreams of my friend to fruition, and took me on a quest across the country to a golden land. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1_BwFeojtw
  4. This trailer often manages to make some tears come out of me. I'm not an emotional or sentimental person, but I'm moved by beauty.
  5. So proud to see Ben Burbank's name on this thread. You go do that thing, whatever that thing is that you're doing.
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