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  1. Because today Broken Age has been released for Ipad and I owe these guys and these games so much a small doodle is not enough, but that's a start
  2. that's far more than interesting, this is very useful most of all! and it's explained very clearly for a short post! Have you ever considered writing a book about all this?
  3. I didn't expect it to be so touching actually, all the athmosphere is very delicate. The mood is like: this is gonna be a little precious thing! Bravo! BRAVO! now we want more!
  4. and copies signed by tim shafer! all hail the king
  5. audio and puzzle design are beautiful. this one and the black lake both got really impressive atmosphere! I was thinking of the difference between the level design and the girl design: since they're so different, does this have to do something with the story? like (don't know) she came from another completely different world or something like that?
  6. best prototype so far. atmosphere and graphics are stunning, zero bugs, what a work! so glad I can give you the money you deserve! in the soundtrack files there are are lullabies! you guys make my day
  7. another thing: it may sound silly, but does the bluray documentary has english subtitles? thanks it last 5 hours?how the hell did you manage to put it into one disc only?
  8. a question: you say that if you don't receive enough preorders, you wan't print it out the boxed edition (basically) now, how much time are you considering for the final counting? I need to get some money first! thanks again. amazing bundle
  9. well actually you're right... and the digital content idea would work. anyway i don't know if somebody else already said that, but what about add 15 more dollars to lumberjack print and make it signed?
  10. What about make the people pay for some goodies they didn't reach to pay? I'm a slacker backer, and I would give my money, for example, for the big boxed edition or the artbook or just the phisic edition /dvdsize). The artbook would cost (I don't know) 40 dollars? or the print?or the tshirt? I think a lot of people would give an arm for that (made of gold of course, a flesh arm is useless unless you're all cannibals) Maybe you can allow just backers and slacker backers to buy this stuff, so it's still exclusive for "interns"
  11. http://www.parkablogs.com/content/upcoming-artbooks-1st-quarter-2013 hopely march 2013?
  12. hillibilly, adventurer, monk or twins?
  13. you got my money now! (my heart is already yours)
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