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  1. A Steed painting by Lee!

    Just wanted to share an awesome Steed painting Lee did the other day!
  2. A Steed painting by Lee!

    Yup, this was just for fun and I thought I'd share it with you all since it's cool. No other news to report!
  3. The future of Fine

    I second this idea because... Scuba lunch breaks!
  4. Is it still in development?

    Hey - heck yeah Spacebase is still in development! I'm not on the team, but JP and co are working hard on the next update and I think you'll hear more about it soon.
  5. Post/Celebrate Your Bloodline Acceptances Here!

    I think it's sweet!
  6. Tie Fighter. . . . . . . . . Just Kidding! Dark Forces. Well the prompt was "Which LucasArts game" ;P I'd love to do Full Throttle!
  7. Tattoo Art

    Awesome ink! How long did that take? I love how colorful it is!
  8. PayPal Support: http://www.massivechalice.com/back We've been listening to those of you who want to support MASSIVE CHALICE but can't do it through Kickstarter for a variety of reasons. We hear you! Our web team has been working hard to support PayPal payments for new potential backers. Head on over to http://www.massivechalice.com/back to make a pledge through PayPal! We appreciate the support!
  9. SONY Platforms

    Yup - what KestrelPi said In an ideal world, every title would be on every platform, but no port is free, and every title has it's own special journey!
  10. Grim Fandango Fanart + others

    These are great! Love your style!
  11. Hi MASSIVE CHALICE backers! We're beginning work on the sigil editor that Bloodline Backers ($100+) will be able to use to design their house sigils for the game. Sigils will be composed of SYMBOLS, chosen from a library created by Derek and other Double Fine artists - and we want your suggestions for symbols and symbol categories! Even if you're not a Bloodline Backer, the sigils you see in the game will be built from layering and manipulating these symbols, so fire away and let us know what you'd like to see in the symbol library! Here are a few early symbols we've used in previous concept art: Sigils are made from layered symbols Our goal is to let you manipulate layered symbols and set them to be your primary or secondary house color, so you can express a unique house sigil that will look great within the color palette and visual design of MASSIVE CHALICE. Here's a quick take on using the BEE SYMBOL, layering, color-setting, and manipulation to create variations on the symbols above! Concepts of Sigil use in-game Hero Screen Tactical Battle ------------ So please post your favorite SYMBOL and category ideas below! Thanks!
  12. Wait, is that a nod to another game?
  13. Coach Oleander Model

    Awesome! I forgot he had a bandoleer - he'd be a great replacement for the heavy in TF2 - kick ass job!
  14. Team Livestreams

    This thread holds links to cached MASSIVE CHALICE team livestreams and info on upcoming streams! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Livestreams We play games that inspire MASSIVE CHALICE and answer your questions! #1: XCOM: Enemy Unknown #2: Final Fantasy Tactics #3 Art Livestream with Derek Brand #4 Shadows Over Camelot Boardgame stream - part 1 -- Shadows Over Camelot Boardgame stream - part 2
  15. Awesome! I love the LeChuck and Lucasarts logo ones. We should include some DF-related symbols to help a two headed baby out!
  16. Question And Possible Request

    I don't know the origin story of Pizza Box Guy, but it's a fully rigged 3d model that is set up as the default character when we start a new branch of our Buddha engine, which we call a "seed". If you look at the first days of the 3d Amnesia Fortnight games (Black Lake, White Birch, Autonomous, and Steed), you'll probably see PBG running around on day one or filling in for an enemy at the beginning of the project. The cool thing about PBG is that we've done a bunch of placeholder animations for him - so he can walk, run, jump, attack, die, climb, etc, etc, and is a useful tool for prototyping. I don't think we actually brought him fully rigged and animated into any of the unity prototypes - I remember we did load him up in Maya and squash and stretched some of his pizza boxes to play with different character proportions. Ah - here it is! Geoff used PBG to test proportions and early attack animations for Massive Chalice, before he was even in the game. So, Pizza Box Guy has proved useful for a bunch of things! The method for creating a temp character like this is similar to that of any other character, you just don't need well-defined geometry and an advanced rig that has things like facial muscles. Maybe one of our character artists can hop on here and give more details.
  17. HELP!! Haven't received my backer gifts

    You should email support@doublefine.com and provide the e-mail address you've signed up to the forum with along with your Kickstarter e-mail address. If those email addresses are the same, you should get the forum badge automatically, but if they are different, a little wizardry may be involved. Also - there are no backer-exclusive forums for MASSIVE CHALICE, so you aren't missing access there.
  18. Sigil Symbol Suggestion Thread

    Responded via pm. Also - the scythe and lily sound like it'd make for a wicked sigil. Or biker's jacket!
  19. Main character still female?

    Yup, the main character is female and her name is Alice! The H&S team posted some concept art of her here: http://www.hacknslashthegame.com/post/80210039812/meet-alice-the-heroine-of-hack-n-slash-art
  20. Psychonauts Pixel Mosaic

    Wow - that's incredible! Great job! So these are tiny tiles (plastic?) that you adhered to a surface somehow? I'd love to hear more about your process!

    Woo! Thanks! I... kinda don't want to delete this thread now
  22. Slacker backers

    Send me a private message with the e-mail address you used to back and I'll look you up in the system.
  23. DF at Pax East 2014?

    Greg knows the details, but yup, Double Fine will have a booth at PAX East!
  24. Day 10 - and.... DONE!

    Mission COMPLETE! Today we finished the Steed prototype! We got in the last few things, mixed the audio, polished stuff up, and added a few easter eggs. I'm super proud of this team and what we accomplished this AF. Thanks to all Steed team members for rocking hard and making this idea become a reality. Thanks to everyone who has been following along on the forums and streams, and a special thanks to everyone who believed in this prototype enough to vote for it! THANKS! Day 1... Day 10! ------- and a daily gif