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    This is fantastic! Thanks for taking the time.
  2. Ha! You sly dog! Well done. I knew i should have taken that out. It looks pretty sweet doesn't it? The original plan was like Jane said; the final watercolor shot was paitned over a screen capture of the tower from above and would have faded from that painting into the 3D model. Woulda been sweet if yo ask me.... -A
  3. I'm curious as to how many of you who found it so difficult or punishing are playing on a gamepad and how many are playing on keyboard? One major issue with the keyboard is the lack of a walk key. We didn't have time to implement and that's a flaw. Running around full speed the whole time means you basically lose the saving grab when you go off a ledge. The grab will save you if you walk off a ledge but not if you're running full speed. Controlling the camera with a mouse is tricky for a platformer too. I really cannot recommend strongly enough to try and use a gamepad. Personally I hate playing platformers with keyboard and mouse. it's just not well suited IMHO and if it's at all possible you should try with the pad then you can analog walk/run and pass through the prototype at your own pace. -A
  4. Well that first link is a pretty good place to start. That's a great show. =) -A
  5. yeah, you can do that or just take the path up to the top and jump onto the top edge of the bridge while its still upright.....
  6. I walked past Ben's desk as he was posting that pic and he had it up on his monitor and it messed up my head for a second - i thought he was watching a web cam of himself at his desk
  7. thank you all for the feedback so far. Sorry it feels punishing - that really was not the intent. Maybe too many rough edges add up if you play too hard? =) Practice pays off; I obviously would have liked more time to present some of the puzzles sections more clearly; maybe that would have toned down the challenge? peace -A
  8. We had to make a lot of compromises with our camera to get this thing out the door. Please bear with us on that. ordinarily I would rather not have a lot of authored, scripted or fixed cameras within this length and size of gameplay space. There are places that make me wince a little too but the lesser of two evils is generally the maxim in this situation - we did not have the fully developed camera system this kind of game would need, there wasn't the time to review and tweak the path enough to avoid some of the problems we have - often massaging the path is a simpler fix than trying to make a camera that can do all things for all players. The rope situation is an interesting one for the points that Ben raised - having the follow camera behind you as you approach would obviously make hitting the rope easier but once you're on the rope that's the worst possible place for it to be. Also - don't forget that the code system that gets the player to find and then attach to the rope is a factor in this situation and we had that in a state of flux right up until the end. -A
  9. Thank you so much everyone, the support has been truly amazing. I can't believe the lengths some of you guys have gone to support and contribute but it's been a real joy to see. -A
  10. jonathanfrisby:we meet again.... Thanks! And thanks to everyone else who support, voted, said nice things, composed music (!!) made fan art, etc, etc. I've been genuinely humbled by how awesome the feedback and contributions from you guys has been over the last few weeks and I want to thank you all not for myself but on behalf of the whole team. I also want to call out the team and ask you all to show your gratitude as they were the ones who did the work: White Birch team: Adrian Melian Ben Burbank Ben Peck Brian Min Chad Dawson Dave Russell David Gardner Derek Brand Jane Ng Malena Annable Matt Hansen Panya Inversin Shao Wei Liu peace -A
  11. !! Unbelievable you'd go to such lengths! Thank you, this is really great. -A
  12. you lot are mind readers.. I've been thinking a lot of Gormenghast as tower inspiration
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