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  1. It *is* Marek Jarocki He did a killer job on those drawings huh? One day, one day maybe we'll see more Urchin Squad. I can't get those kids out of my head
  2. I don't really like to pitch this way, but it's fun to see inspirations laid out like this, so here's kinda the general makeup of my ideas:
  3. The multiplayer model for me is somewhere between Left 4 Dead and Payday. Stage-based levels where you have micro missions (hack the gate open while holding back against the incoming waves, then move through to another objective), or targeted stationary missions (Sneak into the bank and delete all the bitcoins) I think the core of the game is using the other players abilities in combination with your own, which might be pretty tricky to pull off with AI bots. It's certainly doable in a larger game, but for the sake of the prototype I can't imagine getting to that point. Good enemy AI is super hard on its own. Compelling buddy AI is something very very few games have ever done well, even with huge budgets!
  4. I think something that could make a co-op shooter more engaging is having characters with varied methods of moving around the environment. Each of the four characters would have a unique moveset. Maybe one guy can run on walls and double jump. Another character is super small and agile, so she cant sprint really fast and slide under the legs of the baddies. This stuff is cool on its own, but especially cool in combination. One player sprints toward an enemy, slides under their legs, and fires a shotgun blast upward sending them into air. Another player double jumps to finish them with a melee strike while they are still airborne. You see a lot of that sort of thing in Overwatch and it works really well. The best aspects of the special abilities in that game in my opinion are when teammates combine their powers to create a more powerful action. Like Mei, who spawns an ice wall. Normally used for blocking enemies, but you can use it under teammates to boost them into unreachable spots. Traversal through the levels is another thing where mobility comes into play. You might find yoruself running through some sprawling alleys and side streets, fighting hordes of jerks, and it would be super rad to bounce off walls or zip over debris fluidly.
  5. Eagle eyes! You know, I'm here every day and I never noticed it. It's there! Super rad. Nice work
  6. The head between Stacking and Broken age is the Time Traveler from The Cave.
  7. This sentence makes me feel very old.
  8. Whats uhh.. the largest... uhh... size they come in? No reason.
  9. These docs started right when I was thinking about looking for a job, and they definitely helped sway me to want to come work here at DF. So yeah, I love them (does my totally unbiased opinion count?)
  10. Hey folks, good news from the latest update !
  11. Good news everyone! I finally had a few minutes to try out modding objects in the retail version of the game. Short version: it works. kinda! There are a couple of script changes that need to be in place to support custom images. We'll probably include it in a patch, otherwise modders can include the change in their own mods.. Only a couple lines. Look! Custom object! In the Steam version! Not dev mode! Anywho, I'm going to write up the process pretty soon - its not a big deal, but its a little weird! Hopefully I'll get some time to upload some source .blend files and photoshop .psds so you can have a look at how I made all the objects in the game. I'm doing this stuff in my spare time, so give me a little bit to get some stuff together - but I really want to do what I can to help out when I have time.
  12. Now you're diggin in the source files, you could document all the secret dev hotkeys we have I'll probably get around to that eventually, but somebody can beat me to it.
  13. You can also enable dev mode without having to edit any lua scripts. Just set "dev_mode": true in your bootconfig.cfg file (located alongside your savegames)
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