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  1. Thanks for the Votes everyone! it was close, Really close. Maybe next time!
  2. Hey guys, i'll be in here answering questions for the next couple of hours. Ask away!
  3. Yeah! i remember playing that game. Thanks for your vote!
  4. When you're in the Knight i'm thinking it's going to be 3rd person. i was toying with the idea that the brawling layer would be more like a double dragon where it's 2d with depth. but i need to test if this feels good or bad. the knight becomes a support when you're brawling. depending on the weapons attached it will change super attacks in the brawling layer. check out that Jin video above. So the knight is autonomous, it 'can' function, albeit stupidly, without a pilot.
  5. How do you get the Knight? Do you kill enemies and it builds up a bar for you to unlock? Does it have an energy mechanic when you are inside it so you are only in it for a limited time? you can jump out of the knight at any time but it would be a seriously bad idea, as as the knight you would ignore any human sized creatures, you could just step on them. Other knights and monsters though will pose a problem. the idea is in the knight the game is slower paced, sort of like dark souls or mechwarrior. You mentioned rival Knights, do enemy heroes/champions have access to them as well? Yes! to kill another champion you first have to disable their Knight. Once disabled you'll have to fight the pilot one on one on top of the Knight. sort of like the end of MGS1. As for monsters, you just bash them apart, once the life bar is empty they're dead. Is the only reason you would ever disembark the Knight willingly because you need to go into a cave, etc to complete an objective, or are there other reasons why i wouldn't want to be the cool, gigantic suit of Armour? You only want to jump out of the Knight to dungeon crawl, but, in the dungeon you can find new parts for your knight, the idea being once you strap a new part on it can't be taken off (at least be used by other Knights, i think you'll want to be able to swap out weapons/parts.) In the dungeons though, the game functions like a brawler, and instead of magical powers for special attacks the Knight will attack into the stage. Similar to Jin from Marvel vs Capcom. Finding a good balance between being in the Knight and being on foot is one of the things i want to explore! Games like Blaster Master, God Hand and Mech Assault were big inspirations for this idea. jump to 1:20 for the supers (it won't embed at the time heh)
  6. Thanks man! if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  7. hah, our IT guys, as i passed the files to them and asked 'can you please put this up for download in our forums'.
  8. Hey guys, here are the files used for the 3d printed chalice. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/wcdc8f5srzubwab/Chalice.stl?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/16pnt25v8nffa7b/Chalice.obj?dl=0 .stl is for printing and the .obj is for you to convert to whatever your favorite printing format is. EDIT: give these drop box files a try. if this doesn't work i'll figure something else out.
  9. Soon =) It will happen next week some time.
  10. Well, i'm focused on how this guy animates more than his design (that is the department for John Bernhelm) i do know even though the caber might be a slightly beefier unit he is not supposed to be a tank, he is more about zone control and pushing enemies around. We have learned a lot of good lessons from similar games and all units should do damage, how beefy you make them is up to you based of of their equipment. I probably shouldn't say much more about the design as i don't want to spread any misinformation or talk about design before it's ready. =)
  11. Hey guys! You have some really great points here! There are a few things to consider: The caber itself is a really cumbersome and odd weapon, there is a reason there weren't large groups of soldiers wielding man sized battering rams in the 100 years war for example. So I'm faced with this problem of a person using a siege style weapon that is meant to smash large fortified fixed structures on small flexible/non-fixed target. Also, it must to look sexy. The thing is both zdesert and fabooster are correct. The proper point of rotation should be right where the handles attach to the weapon itself. This does lend itself to some problems, the 'mini-gun' handles are great for swinging the weapon like a ram to smash a door, not really great for anything else. For example the rear hand gets into awkward positions if you try to use the caber to push a target in front of you or slam/pile drive the weapon straight into the ground or swing it in any way that is not a thrusting motion. the caber is also in flux right now. The current look of the weapon (including the handles) are still up in the air. Derek is currently working on new versions of his weapons that will replace the existing caber, once he does i'm going to dive in and clean up all the current very placeholder animations! =) Great feedback guys! I'm going to see how i can incorporate some of this into the anims. Maybe i'll post some footage of me swinging around a mock caber trying to figure out how one would really fight with it!
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