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  1. Wow, I leave get busy for the week and return to see things have moved once more! =D... This is amazing! @Nikkelitous: Are the steam builds up-to-date and what does your dev environment look like? Do you just run a decompile on the steam files and start from there? or are you using the humble zip downloads? Just wondering which is more likely to be in date as I'd like to get some to play on this when I can ...
  2. Backup, seriously? That was quick, how much of it have you done?
  3. It does provide a "nice" way to think about things doesn't it? I'm actually trying to work out how you would expand it.
  4. @vickek It's possible, I managed to do it ... @Ephezius We can't edit the files ingame, you can edit some of the files (like the ones in munged) while the game is running, but not the data files I think. Though I could be wrong on that last point.
  5. Sweet!, It would be good to get an idea of what stuff is hardcoded in actually... Assuming that DF has no issues in us playing around with everything, I'm really curious what can be done with what we have =D... I'm also going to see how hardened this is to editing, I'll try and change it while it's running ...
  6. @Nerago, Data\Scripts\Rooms\Cave\Main.lua and Data\Scripts\World.lua are both compiled, are there any issues with it interpreting your changes or do I need to recompile it? Massive lack of Lua experience ... I'll need to sit down with it over Christmas =D...
  7. Wow Brandon, thank you for that =D... I think after reading that I'd like to reiterate, if this game is released, I'd buy it no hesitation, I might even gift it to a few people who would appreciated it ... Very impressed!
  8. This is pretty awesome, I don't have any background in Lua, but it looks like I might add it to my repertoire just to mess around in this game. @Nerago, are there issues with adding items like this? I'm concerned about what happens when they don't have an appropriate icon. @Brandon, just to check I'm assuming we are all ok to mess around with the prototype and add stuff here right? And was the World tree supposed to be implemented in Lua?
  9. I hope so, it seemed the obvious solution, @lamptastic, I didn't know that, I'll try it out thanks! I did find out that I can flip the switch if I try it earlier.
  10. I think it's more like the save state (ability 1 and 2) are not as powerful as I expected, the Jinn seems to be able to ignore them...
  11. Play with the mirrors near them.
  12. I'm almost there, got everything, but then crashed the game when I tried to decrypt HiddenJournal.txt, I'll have another go later when I've got some time. Amazing job Brandon and everyone else on the team, if this gets made into a full game, no hesitation I'll buy it! - Folcon
  13. Yes, I saw the lever, but I couldn't pull it, bug or something else? Hard to give all the info without spoiler tags. I might rename the font files if it doesn't work after doing it again.
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