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  1. FanArt by Cellusious

    This was the vibe i got from Black lake, mushroom infested creatures.. big -> link
  2. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    This was the vibe i got from Black lake, mushroom infested creatures..
  3. FanArt by Cellusious

    Composed a space track after hearing Chris Remo's tracks on SpacebaseDF9. :
  4. FanArt by Cellusious

    What if Hack'n'Slash was a game where you could hack your self into the medivial times, then hack yourself 3D glasses.
  5. FanArt by Cellusious

    I don't do just pixel art, i do all kinds of art, music and designing. //aswell as some code Original size: Clickable-Link I played trough Brutal Legend, 10 hour campaign or so?, got inspired: Original size: Clickable-Link
  6. FanArt by Cellusious

    Alternate reality.
  7. FanArt by Cellusious

    picked up Brutal Legend, i quite enjoy it
  8. FanArt by Cellusious

    I'll probably do something on request if it's an awesome idea. - Cellusious More art.
  9. There, did a piece of art for all the projects - Cellusious
  10. The White Birch: Voting Discussion Thread

    So i did fanart for Spacebase, Autonomous, Black Lake, so here's my take of the tower in the screenshot. ( Here )
  11. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    i decided to redo it, didn't like the other.
  12. General Spacebase DF-9 Thread

    my thoughts when i heard the idea was a semi-realistic space management game, build your base as big as you want but bigger makes it harder to fulfill all the inhabitants needs and that causes more problems, till the space base itself blows up, no aliens or combat, just you and your inhabitants. Looking forward to play anyhow poster sized;
  13. Black Lake: Voting Discussion Thread

    i did fanart for Autonomous and SpaceBaseDF9, so i decided to do something for this too - Cellusious
  14. General Spacebase DF-9 Thread

    i did some fanarts to Autonomous, so i decided to do some for Spacebase DF-9 too - Cellusious