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  1. I just figured out what Mnemonic reminded me of!

    hahaha if Mnemonic's pitch reminded me of Trauma, not only would it lose my vote, I would have done my best to convince some other people not to vote for it. Not that there's no similatiry, but I honestly thought Trauma was terrible.
  2. Mnemonic Feedback

    where?? SPOILER Hint 1 *** it's on the first door, but you have to look really really well *** Hint 2 / Exactly where it is *** after entering the first door, walk backwards until you stop. then, walk a bit to the left and use focus to search until it gets highlighted ***
  3. Help? (spoiler)

    @Lord_Kristof **spoiler** **that's not the place to use the key after "figuring it out"**
  4. Mnemonic Feedback

    Esc works. Q on the help screen would be better imo.
  5. Mnemonic Feedback

    yep, this is the best out of the bunch this year
  6. No Mouse Wheel - Help?

    do page up/page down work? it's the only thing I can think of...
  7. Mnemonic Feedback

    hmm I was stuck after using the key for the first time. I replayed the game from the get go and realized what I had to do.
  8. Mnemonic Feedback

    after using the key for the first time, I do not know what to do with it now lol... but this has to be turned into a full game, seriously, this is so good!!!! Derek, you're a genius!
  9. you can redeem the keys. the games are on steam
  10. I'm interested in knowing how you contextualize it as well. Some food for thought: That is how humor works for many people, you take something simple (a horse crapping) and turn it into an absurd (a horse crapping 100kg per second). It's not a problem if it's disgusting in some way or if it is banal, though not everyone enjoys this kind of humor. I guess what's most important is knowing there are moments when we can joke and have fun with our friends and there are moments when we should respect others and abstain ourselves from doing that. In Day 10's case, it was an intimate moment between friends, all of them were confortable with it and the joke would have happened regardless of 2PP being there to film it or not, so I would say it was a perfectly appropriate moment.
  11. AF 2015 - Staff Picks

    Special guest leads is good and I'm all for that. (BTA) pitches by Tim would ensure AF's financial outcome is as big as possible, but aside from that it sort of defeats AF's purpose, so I'm on the fence about it.
  12. AF 2015 - Staff Picks

    a staff pick is very much welcome, but "one vote per year worked at DF" is not something I'd like, because those more experienced and powerful get the chance to pitch their games outside AF (like Massive Chalice and Headlander), so in my mind in AF everyone's choices should have the same weight.
  13. Day 10 - and.... DONE!

    hey John, apart from the prototype, I'd like to say one of the highlights of this year's AF is your attitude. Seriously, you're always in a good mood, optimistic and calm. You also do your best to boost your team's self steem, but not only that, you're able to communicate all the passion you have for this project to your team mates. That's perceivable from your voice, from the words you choose, from your body language, everything. I'm sure your team is as happy to have worked with you on this as you all are proud of what you have achieved. Congrats!
  14. The Daily Screenshot Thread

    Hope your game is the best out of the bunch!
  15. Drinking at work (AF Day 6)

    lucky me we cannot drink at my job's office lol so much has happened in the company's parties I don't think it would be a great idea to allow us to drink during work hours hehehe