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  1. Is Peter McConnell composing? Also, is there any chance of more first-person adventure games styled like this in the future? Psychonauts or otherwise?
  2. It's interesting seeing more steps from the process. Hope you plan on using some of the assets from the art tests in the final product. Lots of great looking work so far.
  3. I love the look of the game, but I've yet to invest in a VR headset. Is there any chance of Rhombus of Ruin being released on platforms like Steam later down the line, or should we expect it to remain exclusive to PSVR?
  4. I think the schedule they're aiming for is to update quarterly. They might go ahead and update this month, considering that the last announcement was a little late, but I'm predicting that it will be early January.
  5. I would not be opposed to seeing how an updated Black Velvetopia would look.
  6. I've always thought the original game's visuals have held up surprisingly well, but it's great seeing just how much can be done with the updated graphics. So much atmosphere and detail without losing that old style. Bittersweet seeing Hi Def Whispering Rock and knowing we won't be playing through it though. (Quick glimpse of it during a flashback, and/or dream sequence maybe? No? Ah well.) Nostalgic, but looking to the future. Love the little updates to Raz's moveset. One of my biggest nitpicks about combat in the first game was that Raz had to stop moving to use several of his powers, so it's nice to see that the pacing of the action will be seeing an overhaul. Liking the ideas behind the new powers and acrobatics, though I may miss the old animations for floating and rolling with the levitation ball. Having Raz move hands-on-hips to balance on the sphere looks more distinctive than the old run, but I feel it'd look a bit too casual when sprinting at full force. I'm nitpicking though, I'd probably get used to it. Though nothing is set in stone yet I suppose. All in all, great update. Glad that things worked out with SEC approval, and that there are still documentary videos to look forward to. Best wishes to the team, and kudos to everyone from The Molasses Flood.
  7. Bit of a sigh of relief there. Glad to hear the issues with fig were squared away. Looking forward to seeing what everyone's been working on.
  8. Always nice to get a glimpse into the inner workings of Double Fine. Despite all the hardships of game design they do a solid job of making it look like a genuinely fun environment. Pretty hyped about that spoiler as well.
  9. The demo looks great. The banter's still a lot of fun and the concept of combining all of the psychic powers with the classic point-and-click style exploration and seeing how the characters react looks like it'll make for a lot of entertaining possibilities. Yeah. Someday, maybe..? Looks like they had fun working with VR, but a Steam release, or even non-VR PS4 version, would be appreciated further down the line. Never played the game, but from what we've seen it looks like Rhombus of Ruin will have be plenty of optional interactions/dialogue to find alongside finding ways to continue the story.
  10. While I lament VR exclusivity, Rhombus of Ruin's animation looks lovely. Jumping and clicking around looks like a fun way to interact with the environment as well. Reminds me of D4's point-and-click style exploration.
  11. Love the promo art's tease at new environments and potential appearance changes for the characters. It'll probably be a while before I'll be able to play Rhombus of Ruin if it stays a VR exclusive, but nice to hear that things are coming along regardless. Nice to see a lot of the old team and cast back at it. Best wishes to McClendon and other new members getting involved as well. Looking forward to seeing what kind of worlds everyone thinks up and the idea that each will have their own gameplay gimmick. It's been quite a while since I've played Bioshock 2, but I can't help but remember the Little Sister's surreal dreamlike section now that the old design lead's on Psychonauts 2. I think it's Cruller? Still waiting on his triumphant return. I remember wishing that we could remain locked onto enemies while using the levitation sphere in combat. Would have made rolling around nightmares and luchadores more viable if we could keep targeting and using psi-blast. Likewise, it'd be nice to see the general pacing of the combat updated for the sequel. Maybe having us be able to move while using the psi-blast, or giving the punch a bit more knock-back rather than having us stand still to tank beefier enemies, etc.
  12. I thought the old Friendster pages were fun. And finding something like camper profiles or background information on them at Psychonauts HQ wouldn't seem too out of place. Could be a nice little callback without needing to shift major focus back to them.
  13. It'd be nice to see a sort of expansion on being able to customize the color of Raz's levitation sphere. Unlocking outfits and appearances in new worlds and changing them in the camp/HQ store, etc. Get some Black Velvetopia outfits for the rest of the group while they're at it. Might be a bit resource-intensive to switch Lili, Sasha, and Milla's appearances around too, but I like the idea of having the whole team change their look for certain mindscapes.
  14. Story doesn't really pick up until the second game then? Noted, thanks. I do vaguely remember the intro from the third game, so I'm expecting something fairly over the top.
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