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  1. Yea the run speed on mouse and keyboard is a bit overwhelming. That being said it didn't take much away from my enjoyment of this game, I thought the punishing aspects might be part of the game Dark Souls style where a player must learn from their mistakes to make it through. The ambiance of the tower and the mysterious nature of the whole thing really did it for me. Wish this were a full game, hopefully one day soon.
  2. Mogwai is awesome check out their albums, The Hawk Is Howling and Hardcore will never die, but you will.
  3. I'm pretty sure Andy already has an award for best voice.
  4. Double Fine is my favorite place on the internet too, and don't worry we'll still be around to applaud your work! Edit: Also thank you Andy for getting me back into Mogwai again with all your shirts! They rock
  5. You guys are a rad bunch, the insight you have provided in making your prototypes and sharing your experience through the live streams has my creative juices flowing. I can only hope to see more of this in the future and play the sweet games you guys dish out! Thanks for everything!
  6. Finally got to watch the stream, I'm amazed by this game. Every aspect of it looks fantastic and I really hope you guys get to make a full version
  7. Under no circumstances would I ever assume these fantastic screenshots were from a 2 week prototype. Looks great!
  8. This looks incredible, the amount of progress you guys do in such a short amount of time is awe inspiring
  9. Looks astounding especially for 3 days! Great work
  10. Sounds good to me, the GTX8800 was so solid I had waited for it to die and perform poorly for so long, it eventually out waited me and went out with my old PC when I upgraded. As far as cases go, I usually always buy the biggest possible one I can get my hands on. I absolutely hate having to worm my way in there to get to those plugs, and have the lingering fear of snapping a capacitor with the flick of my wrist.
  11. I would just like to add that this is a comprehensive thread for PC's. Many different price points listed. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=493301 e: also hope links to other forums is alright, I'll gladly remove it if not.
  12. First post on these forums, very excited and intrigued by this idea, I have been searching for a new game of this type so I'm glad to be able to see this one develop.
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