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  1. Bragging and Fighting Official Thread

    Liked the concept, but not sure about the multiplayer part. Shouldn't it be completely playable in single player?
  2. Milgrim Official Thread

    I once tried to make this concept. Further down the road it's harder than I thought to the point of "gee, no wonder nobody has made this before." Hope you can pull this through!
  3. KAIJU PILEDRIVER Official Thread

    Chiming in to show support! I like giant monsters.
  4. Silent But Deadly Offical Thread

    Alright, poop jokes sold me. And that prototype was hilarious. I'm not sure how this will be a full-fledged game, though. Some of the planned extra features/humor are nice but there's something to be done so that the game didn't fall to 5-minutes fart jokes! Unless you planned it that way lol.