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  1. Hey Tim, when you get a chance to rummage through your notes, care to reveal some treats that didn't make the final cut? Did you envision ending as such, or was there more? Totally understand if this is asking too much
  2. Guess I'll give a short impression, after finishing the game. I naturally assumed Shay and Vella have been hardened by their experiences, and knowing about each other quite a bit (through other people and clues), they were reading each others actions in the last chapter. Sort of like a mute dance of two people in sync. And when they finally met, at least to me, it felt like they had that look in their eyes, hey I know you, no introduction necessary. But if the idea was that the player was some force connecting them, I can see how that works, although I kinda prefer my own interpretation, without the third party influence. It just keeps it more real and down to earth, I guess. Loved the Terminator 2 reference by Hugging Gary, there were plenty more and probably even more I've missed on the first play through, but they do make me giggle on the inside. I actually didn't mind the puzzles difficulty, made me go old school, taking notes, singing patterns to myself to remember etc. I did try to fill out that note sheet with Vella like a dozen times, about Shay's things, it certainly led me to believe I could fill it out. Maybe I'm minority on this one, but kinda glad there was no theatrical explanation and drag scenes of closure with the bad guys. We had that talk on the monitor while playing Vella, everything important is explained, the rest is left to open interpretation. Simply knowing about their real intentions has put an end to it. I'm thinking maybe a tight deadline wasn't a bad thing, STORY WISE (easy with pitchforks at Double Fine), because it feels like Tim was forced to rely on his instincts, and just get the essence flowing. All I can say (in Homer Simpson voice), plug it in my vein.
  3. Hi Tim, Thank you and the entire Double Fine team for making this journey available. I've finished the game yesterday, and enjoyed every bit of it. However... You may not realize this.. but, watching the documentaries and being included in the whole process, even as a spectator, made this whole thing worth it long before the game was fully released. There is something about every one of you Double Fines that draws forth empathy and inspires respect, so this project in particular, at least for me, was not just about the goal, it was a helluva journey. So thanks again, for this inspirational insight and opportunity to witness something phenomenal. Now that the game is released, and your documentaries are about to stop, I feel like I lost a friend. You know, like when you watch Firefly for the first time, and unable to cope there is no more. Yeah...
  4. That was a really enjoyable interview Justin, it was a pleasure to see it. And for a business guy, you come across pretty open and honest. I think you've joined up at a perfect time, and remember your arguments with Greg, as how it should be produced opposing what's realistic. In the end, it came out just right. You guys really did make history and literally paved the path for other Kickstarters. Should have patented your business plan, seeing as everyone is using it now. All in all, good work, keep on rocking!
  5. To the entire DF team: Thank you all so very much! Watching from the shadows all this time, I felt like I had to thank you and tell you how much I'm grateful for everything you've acomplished so far. (even if you don't get to read this) And thank you 2player production, your videos have brought me to tears a few times, and throroughly enjoyed every one of them. Thank you Tim, I hope you get your vision fulfilled, so I can get my kids to wait for your new games one day, just like I am now. Thank you. -M
  6. Watching this video healed my soul a little bit. Thank you Double Fine, keep on rocking.
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