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  1. Man I love you guys. Our fans are truly the best. We cannot, for obvious reasons, respond to the hurtful and uneducated comments out there. I try to educate if I sense there will not be a flame war, but that is not often. Cannot express to you all how much we appreciate your words and actions. We bleed for these games and to see someone tear it down without knowing what really happened or just make stuff up....it is not a great feeling to say the least. I will say if we are scam artists, we are terrible ones. None of us are wealthy. Only in love with games. Thank you guys. So much. *wipes tear* humph....lot of pollen in the air today...sniff
  2. Hey there! Yes. At 6:35, that is indeed Ashley.
  3. I will give you a hint on that one: It's not wind. It's farts, Mog Chothra is powered by farts confirmed Now, I'm not saying you're right, but I will say this was very dangerous to record. Let's just say it involved Paul O'Rourke, a stepladder, and the right timing.
  4. Hey all! Camden here. It has been a long time since an audio update. My only excuse is that this game is keeping myself and my audio/sound design team mate Paul O'Rourke very, very busy. We are certainly being challenged. Which we love! Here are some ambient audio cues that are already in game for Act 2! As you can hear, there is a lot of variety and big, dramatic sounds! Can't wait for you to play the game and see what these sounds are for! Hope you like them! http://www.doublefine.com/assets/forum_updates/audio3/Ambient_Audio_Update_01.wav http://www.doublefine.com/assets/forum_updates/audio3/Ambient_Audio_Update_02.wav http://www.doublefine.com/assets/forum_updates/audio3/Ambient_Audio_Update_03.wav http://www.doublefine.com/assets/forum_updates/audio3/Ambient_Audio_Update_04.wav http://www.doublefine.com/assets/forum_updates/audio3/Ambient_Audio_Update_05.wav http://www.doublefine.com/assets/forum_updates/audio3/Ambient_Audio_Update_06.wav http://www.doublefine.com/assets/forum_updates/audio3/Ambient_Audio_Update_07.wav http://www.doublefine.com/assets/forum_updates/audio3/Ambient_Audio_Update_08.wav http://www.doublefine.com/assets/forum_updates/audio3/Ambient_Audio_Update_09.wav http://www.doublefine.com/assets/forum_updates/audio3/Ambient_Audio_Update_10.wav
  5. Thanks suejak! I am hoping to do an audio post very soon around Act 2 ambient sound. As for the documentary, I love working with 2pp so I hope to be in there again at some point. I really appreciate the support.
  6. Well said Anna. I have to keep in mind the point of view that people get from the documentary. By nature it is dramatic, but in real life, excitement can be few and far between. It would not be that exciting watching me design the sound of a footstep, listening over and over again to get it right, or setting up dialog paths or parameters in Fmod. But that is the majority of audio game dev. I am just lucky I love the boring parts as well as the exciting parts hahaha!
  7. Man, this board is never boring haha! Thanks so much for the support, criticism, insights, love, and holding us to a higher level. I have been buried in work with this game and I love it, but sometimes the only thing that gets me through the exhaustion is you, The Backers. We really, really want this to be a game you enjoy and you have really, REALLY helped us get through the process. Thank you.
  8. Thanks very much! Glad you liked it! You know, I have been thinking about a sound design/mixing update, possibly around creature voice and dynamics. Will try to get it going soon! Thanks again for the support!
  9. Hmmmm....cool idea for the Headlander trailer music. Will talk to production about it, but yeah, bit of a special category. Would love to flesh out the song a bit as well. Freddie and I only had a couple days to do it and I think it deserves more. Thanks for the interest!
  10. I do use FMOD and try to place as many sounds as possible myself, I know the programmers are very busy. The audio team always uses some kind of middleware on projects to determine sound behavior. If it is things like attaching sfx to an animation or particle effect, or placing sounds in a cutscene or vignette, or setting up area music, ambiences or creature sounds, it is easy enough for me to do it. If it is more complex and state driven with deeper code the programmers help me out. This is a big project for a relatively small team, so many people wear a lot of hats. I try to help out with sound implementation as much as possible. It's really kind of fun actually. I think I am very lucky with the programmers at DF. They all have very good ears and feel for sound and are very patient with my ideas for sfx states and music behavior. I try to give them as much love as possible, they are the ones who are really doing the heavy lifting. I am particularly thankful for Anna Kipnis on this project. She has been super helpful and awesome guiding me through my sound options and communicating design or programming changes. Also have the amazing team of Bert Chang, Ben Peck, and Oliver Frankze...they are all rockstars!!
  11. I like the sounds! Sound stuff is mostly over-my-head, but I am always interested in the folio-aspect going on behind the sounds. Can you describe or explain more of those elements that you used? Like the a guitar going through the broken up fuzz pedal. That is what I can wrap my head around when it comes to sound! Smiles Yeah I will, I am hoping in the next update to actually take one sound and break it down by element. Hopefully it will be soon instead of year between updates LOL. Sorry guys, the other teams obviously manage their time better than I. I will try to revisit sound elements a little later today. Right now, have a bunch of dialog to edit. You guys are gonna love it!
  12. I should have included outboard. I record out of office at my own studio for big stuff if I can. There I like a nice 414 or U87 going through a UA 610 Silverface or an Avalon 737sp. Can't lose with that chain. I am also REALLY getting into the Kemper Amp, although it has not been used for this game yet. Interface at the studio is a C24, at the office an MBox Pro. Also love Soundtoys and Eventide plug ins. :-) Monitors are currently Genelec 8040As.
  13. Thanks dude!! Just trying to keep up with all the visual, programming, and design wizardry you guys are doing. Honestly sometimes it feels like I am working at NASA. "Holy mama these people are smart and creative! What the hell am I doing here?!?!" Hahahaha
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