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  1. Hey thanks! <3 Patrick worked very hard to get the mobile controls just right. We also tuned the games a little differently for Ouya vs. Leap vs. Mobile (since you have different capabilities and control response times!).
  2. I agree it's been a long time since things have been this quiet! I can at least confirm right now that as the rising tides of hardware swell, our next game will not be releasing for TRS-80 or Mattel's Intellivision (sorry, guys!).
  3. Hey there! Sorry it's been a few days with no responses, we're looking into what this could possibly be now, I'll let you know if we hit more questions!
  4. I think it's a combination of several things. The money needed is high amount for a Kickstarter goal, and such a large ask could turn people away. There is kickstarter fatigue (for both DF fans and in general) that would still lead to them [us] backing, but not at the same amounts until our wallets recover. The last two years have had a lot of high profile game kickstarters that have left a lot of us having to go with lower pledged. There are existing fans of Costume Quest on consoles, so they want to put it out there (where self publishing is nearly impossible). No matter how much you get on kickstarter, you need more (because the game is based on the amount you get, but the plans of mice and men....) With a publisher, they expect you to not have enough money and planned for it in the initial amount they gave you, with the real budget being kicked in as you complete milestones. Most importantly, a publisher is only a bad thing if the deal with them sucks. Kickstarter has opened the door to self publishing, which in turn means publishers are going to be offering better deals. Also, as an indie focused publisher, they have gotten used to (and thus plan for) the kinds of things indies want in their publishing deals; like keeping the IP (which they do standard). Guys didn't you see the announce movie? That was exactly how the meeting went! That was documentary non-fiction film!
  5. HEY GUYS! Man this is very exciting to finally talk about it! Even though I can't talk about much other than WE'RE MAKING COSTUME QUEST 2!!!!!!!!!!! Which I guess is still very exciting. That's good to hear. Wasn't she at Pixar by the time Grubbins on Ice was made too though? I'm not sure on the exact timing, but Gabe Miller was on CQ1 and Grubbins the whole time, and Tasha likes the direction he's sent us on for the new one! So yeah! No ill will there.
  7. kkzExa1QTV4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Were you running the MBP fullscreen? We just use your native desktop resolution when running fullscreen (there are ways to trick it by like going in and out of fullscreen mode), but largely that's a feature we put in near the end of development once a UI is built. Because yeah, retina resolution is SUPER expensive and those GPUs tend not to handle much with them. We didn't even have the Lower Quality setting until the day we finished (since all of our desktop PCs could cope ok with the default settings). On a full big-game we'd have been able to focus on that a little (lot) more!
  9. Our current plan for a fix will be to have a separate steam launch option to boot in VR mode and otherwise disable it. For some reason the oculus code is telling our game that you guys have an HMD plugged in when you don't; long term our plan is to use valve's VR libs which are supposedly better supported (despite being very beta!), but for now I guess launch options are fine, yeah?
  10. you can pass -forcewindowed to the 3D games to drop them windowed (LPBB has an option for this as one of the steam launchers). We didn't have time to implement resolution switching and stuff for fullscreen, though!
  11. Whoah, strange you guys! Can I get some info real quick? Stuff like CPU / GPU, OS Version, and what sorts of drivers you're running (if you've installed something zany).
  12. Thanks for all the kind, terrified words you guys. For those of you who have finished it, we're proud of you! And we want you guys to know that we ALL knew how dumb we were being to try and cram in one of the full narrative arcs that Pen pitched to us in private (eventually there would be at least 1 for each of the buds). It was TOO BIG TO FAIL. OH! Cool idea to hook up external speech-to-text stuff. If you have an Oculus plugged in you'll see a version of the game with our own speech-to-text integration, by the way.
  13. Hey if you're having the issue where you can access LPBB on the humble site but the steam key does nothing, please send an email to support@doublefine.com so we can try and see if there's anything we can see wrong.
  14. we didn't pull the game, I know a few non-DFers have it... I have no other info at this time, though. Sorry you guys, we'll figure this out! Did you guys try contacting humble?
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